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Up-to-date Education

The Malmö Academy of Music is a place where you can realise your visions, turn your dreams into reality and create your professional identity. Studies at the Academy are characterized by breadth and a variety of specialisations in music.

Students are prepared for professional life through continual education, practical training periods, master classes and concerts. You will find yourself in new, inspiring musical contexts and you will work harder than you ever have before.

In the end it is you who decides what you make of your time at Malmö Academy of Music. The possibilities are endless!

Experienced Teaching Staff

Teachers who are passionate about their subject are essential for a good education. As is often pointed out in student evaluations, our teaching staff maintains a very high standard. 

Most divide their time between teaching and active musical careers which means our teachers have excellent contact with the international music scene. 

As a student you will quickly realise that music is more than just a profession – it is a way of life. This is clearly seen in our teachers. As with all good teachers, our teachers know that new influences are always positive.

They therefore use their network of contacts to bring guest lecturers to visit the Academy, who in turn bring with them their experiences and give students the opportunity to listen and perform in new and exciting ways. They are sometimes well-known names, sometimes less well-known. But always inspiring.


The goal of the Malmö Academy of Music is for our students to develop their personal resources during their time with us, so that they can function as fully fledged musicians within their various professional fields. The body, intellect and emotions are all parts of a person, continually interacting and affecting each other.

All students meet doctors, physiotherapists and audiologists during their first week of study at the Academy. Throughout their studies these meetings are followed up in various ways with lectures and practical applications.

Our teachers possess a high level of competence in these areas and they are complemented by specialists from within the various areas. A team of doctors, physiotherapists, audiologists and guidance counsellors is permanently associated with the Academy.

Individual Choice of Programme of Study

At the Malmö Academy of Music you are given the opportunity to dig a little deeper into areas which interest you. In addition you have the chance to meet other students who share your passion, be it for orchestral music, fusion, chamber music, experimental jazz, folk music, African drumming techniques or anything else.

All our programmes of study include a large number of options and it is up to you to shape your programme to suit just your goals. This is a part of our philosophy to be open to new influences and experiments.

Musical Encounters

We offer a large variety of rehearsal rooms, ensemble rooms, studios and concert halls. Our resources are used to benefit students and the teachers. This is where they are needed! 

The Academy is inclusive, allowing different genres and musical expressions to live side by side. You could say that we are a number of small schools all under the same roof. And all the time there are things happening to ensure our students are brought into contact with each other. 

We want our Academy to give you the opportunity to develop your talents and skills. With this in mind, we are almost always open – you can come here and meet other students when it suits you. One of the most important elements of a musical education is for students to play with each other. Here, there are hundreds of fellow musicians to play with.


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