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New Students in Malmö

Are you new to Malmö?

There is a lot to think about as a new student. If you are also new to Malmö then there is a whole city you need to get to know as well. Here is a checklist of important things which are good to have organised if you are new in town.

Once you are done with the list, please scroll down to find further information on Malmö listed below.


Accommodation is of vital importance. If you have not found somewhere to live yet, here is a list of housing/accommodation companies you can contact:


Student Union
The Student Union functions as a trade union for all students. Go down to the union and register so you can take advantage of student discounts on offer.

There are lots of cards you need as a new student such as Library cards and Access cards. You can get your access card at the service centre.

The Library card can be issued for you at the Library.

As a new student you will be given your own e-mail address. It is important that you check your mailbox regularly. If you have another e-mail address which you would rather use you can have your student mail forwarded there.

Bicycles are a practical and cheap way of getting around Malmö. Make sure you have a good lock so your bicycle does not get stolen. Malmö has many good bicycle paths.

That’s it! Now you just have to get out there and experience the fantastic city of Malmö.


Malmö has a rich music life even outside the Academy. Here are a few examples of what is on offer.

MSOMalmö Symphony Orchestra. Academy students often get free tickets or student discounts to MSO concerts. The MSO usually performs in the Concert Hall.

OperaMalmö Opera also gives student discounts. Their performances are held at the Malmö Opera House.

Jazz in MalmöThis association arranges the majority of Jazz concerts held in Malmö.

MixMusikA World Music association. MixMusic arranges concerts featuring music from the whole world.

Malmö FolkMalmö’s folk music association which arranges folk music concerts.

KBKulturbolaget – one of Malmö’s rock clubs.

DebaserAnother of Malmö’s rock clubs.


Visual stimulation is also important, be it through dance or cinema.

Malmö KonsthallPuts on several major productions each year.

Malmö MuseumLocated at the castle. There is a large range of permanent exhibitions but also a number of temporary exhibitions. The museum features the historical world, the natural world and the world of the arts.

InkonstA stage which has room for most productions. Inkonst has space for concerts, theatre and performances.

Skånes DansteaterSkåne’s Dance Theatre. This dance company holds its performances at Bågahallarna. (www.skanesdansteater.se).

DansstationenDansstationen is Malmö’s guest stage for dance and is at the Palladium.
Students of the Academy get a 50% discount on performances.

SpegelThe cinema Spegel screens both mainstream and alternative films.


Malmö has a rich club life with many great dance floors.

DebaserLocated at Folkets Park. Good dance floors and houses a number of different clubs.

InkonstLocated in Mazettihuset. Has both a performance programme and a night club.

KBConcerts, clubs and dancefloors.

DeepThe nightclub Deep is located on the road Amiralsgatan and has several dance floors. Saturdays is HBTQ club night.

RetroA great place for sitting and chatting is Retro located on Norra Skolgatan. There is even a dance floor in the basement.

Malmö FolkIf you would rather dance traditional Polish or Scottish dances there is always lots of dancing after Malmö’s Folk Concerts.

Sit and Chat!

MöllanFor those who would rather sit and chat but don’t want to do it at home we can recommend Möllevångs Square. Lots of great pubs and bars can be found there.


Keeping in shape is important. Exercise is the best medicine, as they say.

Friskis & SvettisA health club with several branches in Malmö. The one closest to the Academy is on Heleneholm. As a student you also get a discount.

Pildamm Park / ForestsThe cheapest form of exercise is to get out there and run!

Aq-va-kulFor those of you who like the water this is a great place for you.

Getting around

If your bike gets a puncture:

Check out the local bus timetables here.

Here in Skåne we have the Pågatåg Train. You can find out about it at the above link. These trains can also take you over the bridge to Copenhagen.

It isn’t too expensive to travel by taxi in Malmö and it is much safer to take a taxi than to walk home by yourself in the middle of the night. There are a large number of taxi companies in Malmö, e.g. Taxi Kurir and Taxi 97 .


Last modified 28 Apr 2014

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