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Teaching Staff


Rafael Altino Instructor in Viola
Roberto Amerise Instructor in Music and Society
Annika Amundsen Instructor in Bassoon
Carl-Axel Andersson Senior Lecturer in ear training, ensemble jazz/rock
Hans Andersson Senior Lecturer in Jazz Ensemble
Håkan Andersson Lecturer in Music Theory and Ear Training
Lars Andersson Lecturer in Jazz ensemble, drums and methodology-drums
Mats Andersson Lecturer in Guitar
Patrik Andersson Instructor in Ensemble Conducting and Orchestra Conducting
Conny Antonov Senior Lecturer in interpretation studies
Gunlis Ardevall Senior Lecturer in Vocals
Lena Arstam Instructor in Eurytmics
Anna Arwidson Instructor in Stage Performance
Karl Asp PhD Candidate in Music Education  
Joakim Barfalk Lecturer in Media Technology
Maria Becker Gruvstedt Senior Lecturer in Methodology
Leif Bengtsson Instructor in Trumpet
Peter Berglund Lecturer in Piano
Erik Berndalen  Instructor in Music Theory
Annika Bjelk Wahlberg Instructor in Interpretation Studies
Randi Bjerge-Sköld Senior Lecturer in Vocals and Alexander Technique
Sven Bjerstedt PhD Candidate in Music Education
Jens Björn-Larsen Instructor in Tuba
Johan Bridger Instructor in Percussion
Pia Bygdeus PhD Candidate in Music Education
Ann-Charlotte Carlén Senior Lecturer in Vocals and Choir Singing/Choir Conducting
Ale Carr Instructor in Ensemble and Theory
Ninni Carr Instructor in Folk Music Methodology
Joakim Casagrande Instructor in Methodology and Ensemble Conducting
Mogens Dam Lecturer in Interpretation Studies
Anders Danman Instructor in Harpsichord and Interpretation Studies
Olle Davidson Instructor in Double Bass
Christian Davidsson Instructor in Contrabassoon
Mats Edén Senior Lecturer in Folk Music
Kjell Edstrand Senior Lecturer in Piano
John Ehde Instructor in Violoncello
Lena Ekman-Frisk Senior Lecturer in Choral Conducting
Markus Elg Instructor in Drums
Harry Ellström Instructor in Double Bass
Anna Elwing Olofsson Instructor in Folk Music, Vocals
David Ericsson Instructor in Methodology
Anders Eriksson Instructor in Piccolo Clarinet
Bruno Faria PhD Candidate in Artistic Research in Music  
Daniel Fjellström Instructor in Theory  
Lars G Flink Senior Lecturer in Harmony/Counterpoint
Göran Folkestad Professor in Music Education
Mattias Forsvall Instructor in Ensemble
Luca Francesconi Professor in Composition
Daniel Fredriksson Instructor in Drums
Henrik Frendin Professor in Viola & Chamber Music
Ingemar Fridell Professor in Interpretation Studies
Henrik Frisk Senior Lecturer and Artistic Researcher in Music
Mattias Frisk  Lecturer in Drums, Ensemble
Marika Fältskog Professor in Violin
Peter Fältskog Instructor in Drums
Hans Gefors Instructor in Composition
Lennart Gruvstedt Senior Lecturer in Percussion
Richard Gussing Lecturer in Piano
Carina Gustin Instructor in Methodology
Henrik Halén Instructor in French Horn
Lena Hallabro Instructor in Methodology
Lisa Hallberg Lecturer in Drama
Anders Hallbäck Lecturer in Media Technology
Håkan Hardenberger Professor in Trumpet
Anna-Lisa Hedgårds Instructor in Methodology/Piano
Martin Hedin Lecturer in Media Technology
Hans Hellsten Professor in Organ
Daniel Hjorth Lecturer in Music Theory
Maria Hjorth Lecturer in Vocals
Mattias Hjorth Lecturer in Jazz Ensemble, Double Bass
Ylva Hofvander-Trulsson Supervisor in Music Education
Anders Hogeman Lecturer in Guitar
Nicklas Holmberg Instructor in Kettle drums
Mats Holtne Instructor in Guitar
David Hornwall Instructor for concert project
Anna Houmann Lecturer in Methodology
Samuel Hällkvist Instructor in Guitar and Ensemble
Ann-Sofi Härstedt Lecturer in Vocals
Simone Höckner Instructor in Eurhytmics
Gunilla Ibérer Lecturer in Piano
Jens Ideland Instructor in Methodology
Marianne Jacobs Lecturer in Piano
Björn-Tryggve Johansson Lecturer in Music Theory
Britta Johansson Lecturer in Vocals
Karin Johansson Research Assistant in Music Education
Leif Johansson Lecturer in ensemble methodology/pop-rock
Anders Johnsson Instructor in Organ
Tomas Johnsson Instructor in Interpretation
Elena Jordan Instructor in Interpretation
Cennet Jönsson Instructor in Jazz Improvisation, Theory
Jan Karlsson Korp Lecturer in Improvisation  
Cecilia Kjelldén Lecturer in Recorder
Thomas Kjelldén Instructor in French Horn
Stefan Klaverdal Instructor in Music Theory, Ensemble
Sven Kristersson Vocals Instructor
Eva Kunda Neidek Supervisor
Olli Juhani Leppäniemi Instructor in Clarinet
Christophe Liabäck Instructor in Clarinet Methodology
Eric Lindblom Instructor in Trombone
Magnus Lindén Lecturer in Piano/Ear Training
Tommy Lindskog Lecturer in Methodology of Music
Karin Lindström Instructor in Flute
Anders Ljungar-Chapelon Prof. Dr. in Flute
Magali Ljungar-Chapelon Supervisor
Lia Lonnert PhD Candidate in Music Education
Anders Lorentzi Instructor in Bass
Eva Lundgren Instructor in Methodology/Piano
Jan Lundgren Lecturer in Piano/Ear Training
Håkan Lundström Instructor in History of Music
Max Lörstad Lecturer in Improvisation
Karl Magnusson Lecturer in Electric Bass, methodology
Cecilia Martin-Löf Instructor in Choral Conducting
Rolf Martinsson Professor in Music Theory with Arrangement and Composition
Elisabeth Melander Lecturer in Vocals
Ingrid Melltorp Lecturer in Liturgical Organ Music
Rosa Mileros Lecturer in Eurhythmics, Metrics
Pär Moberg Instructor in Ensemble/folk music, History of Music
Herman Müntzing Instructor in Improvisation ensemble
Thanh Thuy Nguyen PhD Candidate in Artistic Research in Music
Björn Carl Nielsen Instructor in Oboe
Bo Nilsson Instructor in Trumpet
Bo Nilsson Supervisor of Master's Dissertation
Christel Nilsson Ringdahl Instructor in Methodology
Claes-Bertil Nilsson Instructor in Media Technology
Jan-Åke Nilsson Lecturer in Piano
Peter Nilsson Instructor in History of Music, Jazz Ensemble
Sixten Nordström Instructor in History of Music
Maggi Olin Instructor in Jazz Ensemble
Kent Olofsson Lecturer in Music Theory
Mats Olofsson Instructor in Methodology/Trumpet
Ing-Marie Olsson Ergonomics
Claes Ottelid Lecturer in Guitar
Christer Palm Lecturer in Harmony/Counterpoint
Mats Paulson Lecturer in Choir Conducting
Staffan Paulson Instructor in Vocals Ensemble
Klas Peterson Instructor in Theory
Johan Pihleke Lecturer in Ensemble/Rock Music
Stanislav Popov Instructor in Viola
Hans Pålsson Professor in Piano
Per Åke Qvick Instructor in History of Music
Torbjörn Righard Instructor in Methodology
Mats Rondin Professor in Violoncello
Klemens Rosberg Instructor in Methodology/Percussion
Björn Roslund Lecturer in Music Theory
Connie Roslund Instructor in Methodology/Trombone
Håkan Rydin Professor of Piano – specialisation Jazz
Anders Rydlöv Lecturer in Methodology/pop-rock, History of Music
Eva Saether Lecturer in History of Music
Börje Sandquist Lecturer in Guitar
Christian Schultze Instructor in Choral Conduction
Olle Sjöberg Lecturer in Interpretation studies
Kerstin Skoog Lecturer in Vocals
Francisca Skoogh PhD Candidate in Artistic Research in Music
Peter Spissky Instructor in Baroque Violin, Ensemble
Gunnar Spjuth Senior Lecturer in Guitar
Carl-Johan Stjernström Instructor in Bass Clarinet
Staffan Storm Lecturer in Music Theory
Linda Sunesdotter Instructor in Methodology/Violin
Jörgen Svensson Instructor in Violin
Wieslawa Szymczynska Lecturer in Violin
Göran Söllscher Professor in Guitar
Claus Sörensen Instructor in big band, saxophone and arr/comp jazz
Per-Anders Tengland Instructor in Jazz Theory
Johan Theorin Instructor in Violoncello
Anna-Lena Tideman Lecturer in Vocals
Soryba Touray Instructor in Djembe
Matthew Trusler Instructor in Violin
Markus Tullberg Instructor in History of Music
Jörgen Tånnander Instructor in Flute
Jens Ulvsand Instructor in Folk Music Ensemble
Hege Waldeland-Lörstad Lecturer in Violoncello
Marie Wall Almquist Instructor in Methodology/Flute
Torben Walldorff Ströbeck Instructor in Electric Guitar
Cecilia Weissenrieder Instructor in Methodology/Violoncello
Ann-Krestin Vernersson Professor in Eurhythmics
Anders Vestergård Instructor in Congas and Percussion
Dag Videke Instructor in Song
Anette Wikenmo Lecturer in Eurhythmics
Peter Wildoer Drums
Sara Wilén PhD Candidate in Artistic Research in Music, Instructor in Improvisation and communicative preparedness
Anna Välilä Leis Instructor in Dance, Eurhythmics  
Caitriona Yeats Instructor in Harp
Almaz Yebio Senior Lecturer in Vocals
Sverker Zadig Instructor in Methodology
Anders Åberg Instructor in Clarinet
Samuli Örnströmer Instructor in Brass Ensemble
Michala Østergaard Ensemble and Saxophone
Stefan Östersjö Researcher




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