Licentiatföreläsning i musikpedagogik

Pia Bygdéus håller licentiatföreläsning i musikpedagogik den 12:e december 2012 kl 10.00-12.00 i Liljeforssalen vid Musikhögskolan i Malmö, Ystadv. 25, Malmö. Licentiatuppsatsens titel är UTTRYCK GENOM HANDLING - Medierande verktyg i körledararbete med barn och unga. Opponent är Eva Georgii-Hemming.

Pia Bygdéus


Title: Uttryck genom handling. Medierande verktyg i körledararbete med barn och unga.

English title: Expression through action. Mediating tools in choral leaders’ work with

children’s choir and youth choir.

Language: Swedish

Keywords: choir leadership, choral pedagogy, choral conducting, mediating tools,

sociocultural perspective.

The role of the choir director is a complex one. When working with a choir, choir directors often use several aspects of their professional role. The aim of this qualitative study is to describe, verbalize and make visible the mediating tools that choir directors working with children and young choirs use. In a longitudinal study, four choir directors were observed closely while working with their choirs. They also took part in semi-structured interviews. The empirical data material consists of observation notes, reflective writing, individual interviews, focus conversations and videotapes.

Analysed from a sociocultural perspective, the result points to eight groups of mediating

tools: a) A listening attitude towards the choir, with the music in focus; b) a variation in ways of working with the choir, where a variety of physical tools are used; c) the use of musical routines; d) the choir director acting as a role model in shaping musical expression with the group; e) a concentrated cooperation with the choir through short and expressive instructions; f) reflection in practice by planning and self-evaluation; g) storytelling, which results in memory training, stimulation of the imagination and the sharing of common experience, and h) the use of target images expressed as visions, small/big goals or jointly stated, communicated targets. The choir directors who participated in the study use a variety of approaches and ways of working as a strategy for communicating and working with children’s choir and youth choir.


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