"And each time, my best is better than last time’s best"

Matilda Lloyd
Matilda Lloyd (UK)

Meet trumpet player and diploma student Matilda Lloyd, performing together with Malmö Symfoniorkester November 26.

Hi Matilda, do you live in Sweden or did you travel here for the concert?

- I have just moved to Munich in Germany, so I have travelled here just for the concert, which I am very excited for.

Did you yourself choose the music piece that you are playing by Weinberg for your diploma concert? 

- Yes I chose to perform this Concerto by Weinberg. I have always loved Shostakovich and been fascinated by music written during the Soviet period, so when I discovered this piece I just knew that I wanted to play it.

What's special about it?

- It is very cool - it contains a lot of quotations from other famous works and is very dark, sarcastic and ironic like a lot of Shostakovich’s music. 

This is your second year at Malmö Academy of Music, how would you describe being a student with us?

- It's great! All the students and professors are so friendly.

How has it been having Håkan Hardenberger as your teacher?

- Having Håkan Hardenberger as my teacher is the best thing in the world. He makes you raise your own standards, and each time I come to Malmö for the masterclasses and lessons I feel like he makes me play my absolute best. And each time, my best is better than last time’s best.


Link to Matilda's concert, Nov 25, 19-21

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