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Interpreting 'Freedom in Music Education'

Between Februray 28 and April 4, Malmö Academy of Music is co-hosting an international panel series about 'Freedom in Music Education'. Organised by piano student Iveri Kekenadze.

What is the context of the panel series?

-It is a collaborative project between myself, the international office at Tbilisi State Conservatoire (Georgia) and Malmö Academy of Music. The aim is to open up and widen the horizon regarding the concept of freedom and the importance of interpretation, inclusion and social responsibility in music education.

-The 6 panel discussions involve representatives from higher music education in more than 10 countries as well as professional musicians. 

Who should attend the panels?

-We hope that the project will be of interest to current students, alumni, as well as academic and administrative staff, researchers, musicians and those interested in modern-day challenges, inclusion and diversity.

-All sessions will be live-streamed on Tbilisi State Conservatoire Facebook page. The recordings will also be available on their website .

Professor Francisca Skoogh is one of the speakers in session no. 4 '(Lack of) Independent Thinking in Decision Making'.

Learn more and attend the panels here

Programme Febraury 28 - April 4