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Bertrand Chavarria Aldrete



Chalk Laboratory I : SMASH ensemble: Ramon Lazkano


  • Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete

Other contributions

  • Bertram Kornacher

Summary, in English

I became acquainted with the music of Ramon Lazkano in 2001 through his guitar pieces. I was immediately fascinated with his ideas and his sound palette; somehow, I associated his music to a range of color between white and gray. His is a musical language where harmonics work as shadows and offer glimpses of a music that lives within a very personal and unique instrumental treatment.

Later, together with SMASH ensemble, I came closer to his music, and my feelings about it became more defined: a floating and suspended type of sound, living and dying naturally, drifts in his music, as if life were crafted by human hands.

When Ramon Lazkano first told me about “Laborategia Igeltsoen” (Chalk Laboratory) inspired by Jorge Oteiza’s sculptures, I went through scores and art books looking for a relation between both artists, and I found a link to that suspended sound in Oteiza’s sculptures. These white and gray chalky hues evoke the landscape of the Basque Country where both artists grew and developed. Immediately, we decided to program this cycle of pieces with

SMASH ensemble; ironically, the whole cycle doesn’t have a single piece including the guitar.

This recording is a first statement of SMASH ensemble. We found beauty in complex sounds, and our work shows our musical personality and our aesthetic taste. Our feelings for this repertoire are best expressed through the words of the famous Anonymous treatise “On the Sublime”:

...The sublime draws the listener not to persuasion, but to ecstasy, because what is wonderful is always accompanied by a sense of bewilderment, and surpasses something merely convincing or charming...

Bertrand Chavarría-Aldrete






Konstnärligt arbete


Odradek Records


  • Music


  • Contemporary music
  • Oteiza
  • Chamber music
  • Ramon Lazkano
  • Smash ensemble