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Composition Studies – Western Art Music


Programme description

Composition Studies – Western Art Music is an independent one-year university course in composition on advanced level. You will be studying instrumentation, electro-acoustic music and other relevant subjects linked to composition. You will also take part in composition seminars. Opportunities may also arise to take part in composition projects.

How to apply

Important dates for your application

  1. Apply for the course on
    Application period: 16 October 2023 – 15 January 2024.
  2. Upload your samples of work no later than 22 January 2024. Follow to the instructions below – read the information carefully so that you send the correct documents and that these are in the correct format.

Work samples

The selection among eligible applicants is made on the basis of submitted samples of work. The following work samples must be uploaded via the link below:

  • 4-6 scores (PDF) and audio (MP3), with clear recording instructions, representing various ensemble types like orchestra, chamber orchestra, minor chamber groups, choir and the electroacoustic medium.
  • a short work note for each piece.
  • complete work list.
  • curriculum vitae.
  • a few words about why you want to study composition at Malmö Academy of Music.

Instructions for uploading samples of work

  1. Check that you have signed up for the course at
  2. Choose 4-6 scores you want to submit. Save them in PDF format and name each file with title_your initials_date of birth (year / month / day). Separate the data with underscores.

    Example: Part1_LaJo_990230 (In the example, the applicant is named Lars Jonsson. He was born February 30 in 1999)
  3. It is important that you send in both scores and audio files for the material you want to use as your work samples. Choose the audio files you want to submit. Save them in MP3 format and name each file with title, initials and date of birth.

    Example: Title1_LaJo_990230
  4. If you want to use links to YouTube, Soundcloud, your own website or similar as work samples, write full link names in a separate text document which you then save as a PDF. Name the PDF file according to the following example: Links_LaJo_990230
  5. Save your other text documents in PDF formats and name them with title_initials_date of birth according to the following examples: CV_LaJo_990230, Plan_LaJo_990230 etc.
  6. Create a new folder on your computer and MOST IMPORTANTLY – Name the folder with the abbreviation COMPSTUD_your full name_date of birth (year / month / day).

    Example: COMPSTUD_LarsJonsson_990230
  7. Put all your files in the folder and save it on your computer. 
  8. Compress your folder into a ZIP file (note: Do not use RAR files, we can not open these). The folder must not exceed 5 GB.
  9. Open the link for uploading samples of work. You will find the link further down on this page.
  10. Download or drag the entire folder from your computer into the upload window. Enter the same email address as when you made your registration at Upload!
  11. When the upload is complete, you will receive a confirmation directly in the browser. Do not close the browser until the upload is complete.
  12. If you have problems with the upload of your samples of work, please contact us via email to admissions [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se (admissions[at]mhm[dot]lu[dot]se)

Please note: It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the work samples are complete according to the  description, that they are submitted in the correct format and are playable and that any links lead to the correct location. Never send your work samples to the admissions email. They will end up in the wrong place and your application will not be considered complete.

Upload your samples of work here no later than 22 January 2024.

Quick Facts

60 ECTS credits / 1 year full-time

Kind of programme
Independent course

Language of instruction
Swedish and English

Application period
16 October 2023 – 15 January 2024

Syllabus MUPS12 (PDF 220 KB, new tab)

Entry requirements
To be admitted to the course, 180 credits are required from studies in composition or arrangement / composition at a music academy, or equivalent, as well as approved entrance exams.

Selection: based on entrance examination.


Thea Lundbäck
Programme Coordinator
thea [dot] lundback [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se (thea[dot]lundback[at]mhm[dot]lu[dot]se)
+46 40 32 54 25

Listen to students talking about the programme (subtitles available in English under settings)
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