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Anne Sophie Broholt Jensen

"We motivate, support and encourage each other a lot."

The French horn is not very common in Denmark so I decided to apply to the Malmö Academy of Music because I thought it would be more fun to play together with others. Most often students have already studied under their professor here before they start at the Academy but this was not so in my case. I talked to others who had studied here earlier and that was enough for me. Thomas Kjelldén is an excellent teacher who has made me think about how my playing sounds and not just to go with a feeling.

Anne-Sophie Broholt-Jensen

Studying the Performance Programme, 2nd year. Started playing the violin but then changed to the French Horn.

Interpretation class enables focus
One advantage at the Malmö Academy of Music is that we have classes together and listen to each other. There is a special solidarity here and I have never experienced any negative competition between us students. We motivate, support and encourage each other a lot. I really appreciate the interpretation classes. During them I get the chance to, together with a pianist, focus totally on the musical form.

Development motivates
The French horn suits me perfectly. It is, quite simply, me. My motivation is probably that I just cannot stop playing, especially when I am in a phase when I am developing a lot. Of course I have my doubts sometimes when things aren’t working, but I try to believe in myself and what I am doing. Music is in general so powerful and it fascinates me how with its help we can bring on and affect emotions. Music for me can continue on where words fail. Music speaks in a direct, almost primitive way.