Edgars Reimanis

"There are lots of opportunities in Malmö"

The Malmö Academy of Music has a fine tradition in bassoon education, mostly because of its prominent teachers who are great musicians (working in professional Swedish orchestras) as well as teachers and people, which makes Malmö a great environment for reaching my goals. There are lots of opportunities at the Academy of Music to participate in symphony orchestra projects as well as numerous chamber music projects.

Edgars Reimanis

Edgar Reimanis, an international student from Latvia, playing the bassoon at the Performance Programme in Music, third year, Bachelor's Level.

Besides, in Malmö, there are some very good symphonic orchestras such as the Malmö Symphony Orchestra and the Malmo Opera, that sometimes need extra musicians and every now and then someone from the Academy of Music gets a chance to take part in these orchestras for longer or shorter periods of time. I think that is a great experience that gives every musician including myself a lot of stimulating professional practice.

Last, but not least, the Academy of Music offers scholarships for woodwind students that international students can also apply for, which can be a huge help in financing your studies.