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Admission to Folk and World Music Bachelor's Level

Performance Programme in Music

Key dates for your application

  1. Sign up for the programme at
    Registration period – open for late application: 11 May 2022 – 24 May 2022

    Note: You who make a late application are ranked according to those who applied in time, based on the date when your application was received and you proved the eligibility requirements.
  2. Last completion day to prove your eligibility is 24 May 2022.
  3. Admission tests will take place at Malmö Academy of Music on 7 June 2022. Date and time are stated in the invitation. You will also complete other qualifying tests.

Admission test

The test consists of the following parts:

  • Two songs of different character in your special music/genre area, of which one must be performed solo. On both recordings you must play your main instrument within your genre. If you want accompaniment on the second song, you are allowed to play with an extra musician(s) or recorded background music. The total playing time for both songs must not exceed 10 minutes.
  • Ensemble test: Together with your invitation you will receive three songs. Each song represents a different style/tradition. Choose one and during the test you must be able to lead an ensembe and play a complete version of the song. The purpose of this test is to allow the jury to understand how you work with arrangements and how you function as a part of an ensemble. The jury assesses both how you work with and instruct the ensemble, as well as how you play yourself.
  • A vista test: You must play a tune from a score you have not seen before.
  • Ear training test: You play/sing an accompanying (counterpoint) line to a melody you have not heard before. The melody is played by someone else. This test will be adapted to your instrument and style.

When you apply for this program, you must also complete other qualifying tests – music theory test.

The theory test – practice examples: