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Admission to Horn Master’s Level


Key dates for your application

  1. Sign up for the programme at
    Registration period: 1 December 2021 – 17 January 2022
  2. Last completion day to prove your eligibility is 25 January 2022.
  3. Upload your samples of work no later than 23 February 2022. Read more about content, recording quality and format further down on this page. There will be no entrance exams on site at the Malmö Academy of Music.
  4. Admission decision 1: 13 April 2022 on My pages at
  5. Deadline for accepting your place through My pages at 26 April 2022
  6. Admission decision 2: 11 May 2022 on My pages at

Admission test

The admission test is carried out digitally by you submitting samples of work in the form of video recordings. Read more about recording quality, format and time frames further down this page.

You submit video recordings where you perform:

  • W. A. Mozart: Horn Concerto No 4, KV 495, 1st movement
  • R. Strauss: Horn Concerto No 1, Op.11, 1st movement

The recordings must be uploaded to the Malmö Academy of Music via the link below no later than 23 February 2022.

Instructions and criteria for videos

In order for the video recordings to be approved as a basis for assessment, you as an applicant must follow the instructions below:

  • Start your movies by identifying yourself – film your ID (or passport) and your face. You must also clearly state which piece you will perform on each recording.
  • Your face and hands must be visible at all times. You and your instrument must be in focus during the whole video.
  • Perform and record (1) piece/audition task per film. Each film must be completed in continuous shooting. No clips or other technical edits are allowed.
  • The sound should be of good quality, recorded with a microphone in your mobile phone or with a room microphone, without too much room acoustics and without distortion and noise.
  • The video recordings must have good image quality with good contrast and light.
  • You must upload the recordings in MP4 format. Other file formats are not allowed. Your samples of work folder must not exceed 5 GB in size.

If these instructions are not followed or we suspect that the video files can somehow be assumed to have been modified, your submitted work samples may be assessed as invalid.

Instructions for electronic uploading of samples of work

  1. Check that you have signed up for the programme at
  2. Collect the video files you want to submit. Save them in MP4 format. Name each file with title, your initials and date of birth – use the first two letters of your first and last name and the year/month/day format for your date of birth. Separate the data with underscores.

    The files are named according to the following example: 
    Video1_LaJo_990230 (In the example, the applicant is named Lars Jonsson with date of birth 990230. The next file is therefore called Video2_LaJo_990230 etc.)
  3. Create a new folder on your computer. Name the folder with the abbreviation your full name_date of birth (year/month/day). Example: LarsJonsson_990230
  4. Put all your files in the folder and save it on your computer.
  5. Compress your folder into a ZIP file (note: Do not use RAR file, we can not open these). The folder must not exceed 5 GB in size.
  6. Open the link for uploading samples of work. You will find the link at the bottom of this page.
  7. Download or drag the entire folder from your computer into the upload window. Enter the same email address as when you made your registration at

  8. When the upload is complete, you will receive a confirmation directly in the browser. Do not close the browser until the upload is complete.
  9. If you have problems with the upload of your samples of work, please contact us via email to admissions [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se

Note! It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the samples of work are complete according to the audition information, that they are submitted in the correct format and are playable. Never send your work samples to the admissions email. They will end up wrong and your application will not be considered complete.

Upload your samples of work here no later than 23 February 2022.


Please note, that to meet the entry requirements for Master’s Level, you have to be able to demonstrate a Bachelor’s degree in Music or equivalent at the beginning of the semester.


admissions [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se