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Music Teacher programme

Teacher Training programme for upper secondary and primary school

The Instrumental and Ensemble Teacher Training programme offers you the skills and eligibility requirements needed to teach music in upper secondary and primary school, grades 1–9 in Sweden. It also prepares you for teaching in Sweden’s municipal culture and music schools. Graduates will receive a Teacher Exam of 300/330 ECTS. You can combine music with either another school subject or more immersive courses in music.

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Programme content

Subject 1: music 120 ECTS
Subject 2: music specialisation or another school subject, 90/120 ECTS
Subject 3: education sciences, 60 ECTS
Subject 4: school internship, 30 ECTS

Subject 1: Music
In the Teacher Education programme for upper secondary school you will focus on one of the following genres both on your main instrument and in ensemble playing: mixed genre, folk/world music, classical, pop/rock or singer-songwriter. You can also add a specialisation in arranging/composition, choir conducting or eurythmics.

The courses included in Subject 1 focus on developing both your pedagogical and artistic abilities. Examples of courses are: individual lessons in your main instrument, guitar/piano and vocal classes. Group lessons are offered in bass and drums, ensemble, eurythmics and drama, note editing, sound engineering, methodological and didactic courses as well as courses in music history. Subject 1 also includes two independent essay projects each worth 15 ECTS.

Subject 2: Music or another school subject
If you study music as subject 2 you can choose between advanced courses (90 ECT) at Malmö Academy of Music. If you choose to study another school subject (90/120 ECTS) you will do this at Lund University. Available combinations are: English, Swedish, history, modern languages, mathematics, physics, religion or Swedish as a second language.

Qualifications and eligibility

To be accepted at the Teacher Training programme you need to meet both basic eligibility and have approved admissions tests in your main instrument. You also need level 3 in Swedish.


Sara Engblom
Programme administrator
sara [dot] engblom [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se
Phone: +46 40 32 54 19