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Composition Diploma

Master’s Programme in Music | Composition Diploma

Composition Diploma 120 credits

The Master’s Programme in Music, Composition Diploma, aims to educate composers possessing superior artistic and professional abilities, by means of specialised instruction that focuses on highly exacting and qualied assignments. The studies are characterized by the deepening and specialization of orchestral composition and other major projects in collaboration with professionals institutions and ensembles which places great demands on work discipline and responsibility. Teaching is given in composition.

Programme Presentation

The Performance Programme, Composition is aimed for those who want to become composers with a focus on Western contemporary art music, with the goal of finding your own personal aesthetics in your composing. The Composition Programme aims to train you to become a composers with good artistic and professional ability. Upon completion of the course, you will have the ability to work creatively with advanced skills and skills in your own career in a work and cultural life in constant change and development.

Composition Project

Every year, the Composition Programme collaborates with leading orchestras, ensembles and musicians in our sought after composition projects. Examples of annual collaborations are Malmö, Norrköping, Gävle and Helsingborg Symphony Orchestras, Stockholm Läns Blåsarsymfoniker, Jönköping Sinfonietta and the string orchestra Musica Vitae. Students also have access to work with choir projects and many different chamber music projects, giving them ample opportunities to hear neither being repeated and performed at concerts and the opportunity to build a rich network of contacts already during the education. Students participate in projects throughout the whole studies.

Connect Festival - Inter Arts Center - Composition Seminar

Connect Festival is the compositional education's own contemporary music festival organized by the students. The Inter Arts Center is our platform for electroacoustic music as a meeting place for collaboration with other arts such as theater and art. The composition seminar is a forum for aesthetic discussions, analysis, reflection and meeting with guest professors, composers and musicians in the contemporary art music field.

Registration and admission

Registration is made on Links to the admission usually open in early December. Deadline for application is usually in mid-January. After the passed and approved entrance examinations a qualification examination and then a possible admission will take place. Read more about the year's admission.

Admissions Exercises in Composition

Compostion Diploma (Master's level), Composition (Master's level), Composition (Master's level)


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