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Exchange studies | Performance Programmes in Music and Church Music

Student playing the violin. Photo.

Our performance programmes in Music and Church Music offer a wide range of specialisations and prepare musicians and composers for a professional career within different fields of music. Students in these programmes will find a study environment that promotes the highest possible development of their artistic potential.

The tuition consists of a mix between individual and group teaching sessions, seminars, lectures and workshops/master classes. Students should also expect individual assignments like exercises and preparations as well as playing in ensembles of different sizes and in different settings. If you play an orchestral instrument, you will also participate in Malmö Academy of Music's Symphony Orchestra, which does six productions each academic year.

The teachers at the performance programmes are all distinguished musicians with prominent music careers, both nationally and internationally, as soloists, ensemble/orchestra musicians or composers.

We offer the following genres / specialisations:

  • Symphony Orchestra Instrument
  • Guitar, Piano, Vocal (classical specialisation)
  • Jazz / Improvisation / Folk
  • Composition

Applications are done online in our application system: SoleMOVE. Nominated students will receive an email containing information and instructions on how to complete the online application prior to the application period opens. When you apply, choose the course called " Music Performance for Exchange Students". 

Application guide (PDF 3.4 MB, new tab) – updated October 2022
Video guide: Using SoleMOVE to apply for courses as an exchange student, (video, new tab)

Your application needs to contain:

  • Official transcript of Records (in English)
  • Study plan 
  • CV
  • Statement of Purpose (in English)
  • Audition videos

English language proficiency.
All courses will be in english. It is important that you have sufficient proficiency in the English language to be able to successfully study the courses open to exchange students. While we do not generally require you to submit a formal English language proficiency test, your level of English should be equivalent to IELTS 6.5/TOEFL 90.

Instructions for audition videos

You need to upload an extra document including YouTube links to your videos in your SoleMOVE application.

  • Symphony Orchestra instrument  - You submit samples of work in the format of video recordings, where you perform two compositions of your choice contrasting in character, maximum 20 minutes of music in total.
  • Guitar / Piano / Vocals - You submit samples of work in the format of video recordings, where you perform two compositions of your choice contrasting in character, maximum 20 minutes of music in total.
  • Jazz / Improvisation / Folk - You submit samples of work in the format of video recordings, where you perform two songs by your choice, maximum 20 minutes of music in total.
  • Composition
  1. Four to six (4-6) scores and audio (mp3), with clear recording instructions, representing different ensemble types like orchestra, chamber orchestra, minor chamber groups, choir and the electroacoustic medium
  2. Short work notes for each piece
  3. A complete work list
  4. Your CV
  5. A few words about why you want to study composition at Malmö Academy of Music

Please note that unfortunately we have no possibility to send the material back.


You will be informed of whether you have been accepted at Malmö Academy of Music by 25 May the latest. When you get your Letter of acceptance you need to create a Learning agreement (LA) in the system that your own University use, talk to your international Coordinator if you are unsure. In your LA you state the courses you have chosen. See dropdown menus (Courses - autumn/spring semester) below.

As an exchange students you are expected to study full-time, 30 ECTS/semester, of which you must study at least 26 ECTS at Malmö Academy of Music. You may include external courses at other faculties in your application, but you are neither prioritised nor guaranteed admission outside Malmö Academy of Music.

Make sure that your chosen courses match your study plan at home and are approved by your home university.

Mandatory Courses

MUHA23 Symphonie Orchestra Instrument, 26 ECTS
MUHA24 Guitar / Piano /Vocal (Classical Specialisation), 26 ECTS
MUHA25 Jazz / Improvisation / Folk, 26 ECTS
MUHA26 Composition, 26 ECTS

Elective Courses

MUSN22 The Music Profession 4, 3 ECTS (PDF 268kB, new window)
MUHA77 Folk and World Music Ensemble, 3 ECTS
MUHA79 Eurhythmics, 3 ECTS
MUHA80 Chamber Choir, 3 ECTS
SASL04 Ensemble Music at Odeum, 7,5 ECTS (PDF 281kB, new window)

Elective Courses - Learn Swedish

SUSA11 Swedish: Introductory Course for Exchange Students 1, 3 ECTS
SUSA12 Swedish: Introductory Course for Exchange Students 2, 3 ECTS

Special Area Study courses

Nominated exchange students can apply for so-called 'Special Area Study' (SAS) courses in a wide range of subjects across eight different faculties at Lund University. These courses are a great opportunity for you to learn more about subjects outside your major.

Read more about Special Area Study courses (LU)


For questions specific to the Performance studies:
admissions [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se (admissions[at]mhm[dot]lu[dot]se)

For questions specific to the Exchange administration:
Sara Engblom
Student Exchange Coordinator
sara [dot] engblom [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se (sara[dot]engblom[at]mhm[dot]lu[dot]se)

Application periods

Nominated exchange students apply during 1-15 April.

Special Area Studies:

  • 1-15  April (Autumn semester)
  • 1-25 October (Spring semester)