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Folk and World Music

Performance programmes in Jazz and Folk and World Music (subtitles available in English under settings)

The Bachelor’s programme in Folk and World Music, is aimed at instrumentalists and singers who want to develop their skills in folk music from different cultures as well as non-western art music.

The programme aims to train musicians with high artistic and professional ability and, as a student, you will learn how to study in a largely self-directed and independent manner. Furthermore, after completing the programme, you will have acquired knowledge in entrepreneurship in order to increase the ability to change and adapt your own professional role to an ever-changing cultural scene.

You will be introduced to Nordic folk music but will also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in your own and other cultures' musical traditions. Focus is placed on your personal musical development and you will have great influence over the content and study structure, which is why your own drive is a prerequisite. Concert performances in various contexts are included as an important part of the programme.

The programme is also deeply integrated with our Teacher's Training programme in Folk and World music, therefore ensembles, concerts, lessons, and some projects are done jointly.

Malmö is a multicultural smorgasbord which means that many talented musicians from different music traditions are available as teachers. The programme is often visited by guest teachers as well as an Artist in Residence. Once a year we usually go to ANMA's (The Association of Nordic Music Academies) folk music meeting, Nordtrad, where we meet other students and teachers.

The academic year is divided into weeks with teaching according to the regular schedule, project weeks, self-study weeks and exam weeks. After completing the programme, you will receive an Artistic Bachelor's degree in Music.

Pär Moberg, senior lecturer in Folk and World Music Ensemble
Mats Edén, senior lecturer in Folk Music
Markus Tullberg, postdoctoral researcher and teacher in History of Music, Flute and Ensemble
Allan Skrobe, teacher in Folk Music Ensemble
Ale Carr, teacher in Folk Ensemble and Cittern
Tania Naranjo teacher in Piano

General requirements for university studies in Sweden as well as successful entrance tests to the Bachelor’s Programme in Music.

Depending on what you expect from your studies, you might be better suited for the Individual programme. This is true if:

  • your music making mainly takes place in the borderland between folk and world music and another genre.
  • you are specifically interested in a certain narrower style of folk and world music and do not want to work with a broader spectrum of styles. Please note that the Bachelor’s programme Folk and World Music includes a lot of ensemble work where you will get to try different styles from different parts of the world and learn from the musical traditions of your fellow students.
  • you already play a lot of ensemble professionally outside of your studies, and are not so interested in having lots of ensemble within your education (please note that in the Individual programme it is also possible for a whole ensemble to get accepted together, an opportunity that has been used by folk and world music ensembles before).
  • you mainly want to work with arrangement and composition in folk and world music rather than with instrumental studies.
  • you are primarily active within a musical tradition that does not make much use of Western music theory and chords/polyphony, or mainly play music by ear, and therefore do not have the music theory knowledge needed to be able to apply for our Folk and World Music programme (no music theory test is required for the Individual programme).

Does any of this apply to you? In that case, feel free to expand your opportunities by also applying for the Individual programme. 

Read more about the Individual programme


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