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Gunilla Iberer

University Lecturer in Piano

GUNILLA IBÉRER took a Music Teacher´s Exam in Piano in 1972 and graduated the following year from the Malmö Academy of Music. In her debut concert together with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Stenhammar's 2nd Piano Concerto was performed. That same year she received Malmö City's Cultural Scholarship. Further studies in piano for Jörg Demus, Alfred Brendel, Paul Badura-Skoda and Robert Riefling. She received the Wilhelm Freund Scholarship of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in 1975, resulting in a concert tour in North America. That same year she did a concert tour with the 1975 Jenny Lind scholar, which included television shows, as well as concerts produced by Rikskonserter and Folkparkernas Centralorganisation.

GUNILLA IBÉRER has performed with a series of piano evenings, both nationally and internationally, and made numerous recordings for Swedish Radio and Swedish Television, as well as Finnish and Austrian radio and television. Together with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra, she performed César Franck's Symphony Variations for Piano and Orchestra in 1984, led by English conductor Vernon Handley. She has also played with the Gävle Symphony Orchestra, Örebro Symphony Orchestra, Norrland Symphony Orchestra, Lund City Orchestra and the Joseph Haydn Orchestra in Austria.

GUNILLA IBÉRER made a piano recital at the Malmö Academy of Music in Autumn 1998. Together with the musician and music academy colleague, Svend Baaring, she formed the chamber music duo “Jelly Roll Hot Two” in spring 1999. Since 2000, Gunilla Iberer has been increasingly active in the jazz music field, both at the Malmö Academy of Music and in professional life.

GUNILLA IBÉRER was at first pianist in the classical jazz band Marie Vallentin and Her Blue Five and. This commitment resulted after many gigs and tours in a CD recorded in Malmö. At the same time, Gunilla Ibérer became engaged as a pianist in the Maritime Stompers jazz band, where she is still active and the collaboration also led to a CD called The Pearls, which contains music by for example Jelly Roll Morton and Bix Beiderbecke. On this album she presents a composition for solo piano "In a Mist" by Bix Beiderbecke. The album got a very positive review in Sydsvenska Dabladet by Alexander Agrell.

At the Malmö Academy of Music's centennial anniversary in 2007, Gunilla Iberer, peformed with students from her university course "From Scott Joplin to Swing" and Maritime Stompers at St. Gertrud Hall in Malmö. The styles represented here were ragtime and classical jazz from 1920–1930. In 2005, she was engaged as a pianist in Gunhild Carling Big Band. The band consists of the Carling Family and musicians from the Maritime Stompers, a total of 13 members. Several concerts in famous concert halls such as the Berwald Hall in Stocholm, the Malmö Concert Hall, the Gothenburg Concert Hall and Tivoli Concert Hall. Tours and TV shows have been performed in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and France. At these concerts, Gunilla Ibérer, has participated as a pianist in the band and as a piano soloist with solo piano compositions by George Gershwin, Fats Waller, Bix Beiderbecke, Teddy Wilson, Jelly Roll Morton, Scott Joplin, James P. Johnson and others. The Carling Big Band’s debut album "Magic Swing" was recorded in Berwaldhallen, Stockholm in 2006. Concerts and tours in 2009: Sweden, Germany, Italy, Finland.

Since 2003, GUNILLA IBÉRER has completed university courses in piano.
1. "From Scott Joplin to Swing" basic course 1–8p, continuing course 8–16p
2. In depth course with classical music, levels: advanced 1–8p, continuing course, 8–16p. The courses are documented on DVD.

In 2008, September 4, GUNILLA IBÉRER made a chamber music concert at the Malmö Academy of Music, together with her son, the jazz cellist, organizer and composer, Alexander Ibérer, a teacher of jazz improvisation and playing by ear on the cello at the Malmö Academy of Music. Gunilla Ibérer has been employed as a University Lecturer in piano at the Malmö Academy of Music since 1982.

CD recordings:
• Piano recital. Recording 1978 with music by Erland von Koch: Sonatine nr 2 op 46, Lars-Erik Larsson: Sonatin nr 3 op 41, George Gerschwin: 3 preludier for piano, Cécar Franck: Prelude, Choral et Fugue. The music transferred from LP to CD 1999 by Anders Åhlin.

• The Swedish Transverse Flute. A recording together with Prof. Anders Ljungar-Chapelon (Flute) and Ensemble Gustav III for the Malmö Academy of Music in 1992.

Gunilla Iberer
E-mail: gunilla [dot] iberer [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se