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All material must be handled with care and kept from harm. Database material is available for on-line loan only. For all other material, a receipt form has to be signed for every loan. For identification of returned material, it is absolutely necessary to fill in all the information requested on the form, especially the copy/item number: in many cases, the library owns a number of copies/items of the same work.
Last date of return is normally 28 days after loaning; for DVD/VHS and CD, however, 14 days only.
For orchestral players at the Academy, scores are available from the library. Every player must personally sign the receipt list, and, after the concert or final rehearsal, has personal responsibility for returning his/her own copy of scores to the library.
The signer of the receipt or list will be held fully responsible! Make sure never to lend your loan material to anyone else!
Material of the following categories is for reference only:
a)    Bibliography, dictionaries, encyclo­paedias, registers and other works of reference.
b)    The latest issue of periodicals and magazines.

One lesson loans
Teachers and students are entitled to borrow reference material for lessons and seminars. Special forms for the purpose have to be filled out in advance.
NB: All items must be immediately returned after the lesson or seminar.

Interlibrary loans
The library will assist in matters of interlibrary loans, i.e. ordering items from other libraries and institutions.

Return of items
Items must be returned directly to a member of the staff, or placed in the book/item return drop box in the Library or outside the Library entrance door.
No item may be returned directly to its shelf or case.

Compensation for missing items
If lost or damaged, borrowed material must be compensated for. The signer will be held liable to pay compensation. If parts of material, e.g. scores for 1st violin, are not returned, the signer will be charged the cost of the whole material, e.g. the whole of a Concerto.
For all lost material which has not been returned, the cost will in each case be settled by the library or institution that issued the loan.