to the Malmö Academy of Music!

The Malmö Academy of Music is part of the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts at Lund University, Scandinavia’s largest institute for higher education and research, with a total of 47 000 students.

We have approximately 800 students at the Malmö Academy of Music, the majority of them studying master’s and bachelor’s programmes with the aim of becoming professional musicians, composers, church musicians, or music teachers. There are also research programmes in the areas of Music Education and Artistic Research in Music, as well as a wide range of independent courses.

The Malmö Academy of Music has a highly developed international programme and a broad international contact net with prestigeous partner institutions, primarily in Europe. Many positive and close international relationships have been formed through partnerships, guest lecturers, teacher and student exchanges, and also through international recruitments.

The Malmö Academy of Music offers a creative and stimulating educational environment located in the centre of a dynamic cultural region. We care about the environment as well as a sustainable development and we have obtained an environmental certification.