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Welcome to the Malmö Academy of Music

In the heart of the öresund region
The Malmö Academy of Music is part of the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts at Lund University, Scandinavia’s largest institute for higher education and research, with a total of 47 000 students. Other than the Malmö Academy of Music, the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts also consists of the Malmö Arts Academy and the Malmö Theatre Academy. The three schools each have their own profiles but also work together in specific areas.

Malmö, home to the Malmö Academy of Music, is just over twenty kilometres from Lund and in the heart of the Öresund Region, with Copenhagen in Denmark as its closest neighbour. Over 3.5 million people live and work in the region, which boasts 13 leading universities and institutes of higher education.

Malmö is a growing city. Communications are excellent but the city is still small enough to be able to cycle to most places. With less than thirty minutes to Lund or Copenhagen there are many opportunities to come into contact with the university’s other faculties as well as events held on the other side of the sound.

The region has a rich and varied cultural life within music, dance, art, literature and theatre. There are symphony orchestras and opera houses, art galleries, clubs, meeting places and stages for all kinds of cultural life. A lot that takes place in the region is highly creative and trans-disciplinary. The number of choirs is impressive and there are thousands of choir singers at both amateur and professional level. In order to stimulate choir activity and programmes of education and research within the field of choir singing in southern Sweden, a special addition to the faculty has been made – Körcentrum Syd.

There are approximately 800 students at the Malmö Academy of Music, the majority of them studying master’s and bachelor’s programmes with the aim of becoming professional musicians, composers, church musicians, or music teachers. There are also research programmes in the areas of Music Education and Artistic Research in Music. Many professional musicians, music teachers, church musicians, and music enthusiasts also study one or more of our wide range of free-standing courses.

The Malmö Academy of Music has a well-developed international programme and a broad international contact net with well-reputed partner institutions, primarily in Europe. Many positive and close international relationships have been formed through partnerships, guest lecturers, teacher and student exchanges, and also through the international recruitment of teachers and students.

The Malmö Academy of Music offers a creative and stimulating educational environment located in the middle of a dynamic cultural region.

We care about the environment as well as a sustainable development and we have obtained an environmental certification.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all visitors and applicants.

Ann-Charlotte Carlén
Rector and prefect

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Ann-Charlotte Carlen
Ann-Charlotte Carlén
Malmö Academy of Music
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Welcome to the Malmö Academy of Music

A presentation of The Malmö Academy of MusicIn the heart of the Öresund region

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