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Ongoing projects


MUSENSE (2022-2025) is an international collaborative project between music schools, financed by the European Commission's Erasmus+ programme. The aim is to stimulate innovative artistic development in higher education in music, by investigating how digital resources can be used in new forms of musical performance.

The project has the following goals:

  • To develop innovative models, educational content, and know-how in cyber and remote performances.
  • To offer students and teachers of higher education in music new tools for mixed live and remote performances, where the audience is invited as an active participant.
  • To strengthen sustainable future entrepreneurship through digital resources in the field of music.

Within the framework of MUSENSE, Peter Spissky and Sara Wilén from Malmö Academy of Music will carry out a series of international artistic research and educational projects within the framework of early music and improvisation. Together with students, teachers and researchers, digital pilot sessions are carried out live with a focus on online musical interaction.

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The project Power Relations in Higher Music Education (PrihME), is a three-year AEC project that started in autumn 2020 with funding from the EU programme Erasmus+. Ten European institutions for higher music education form part and together we work with the Citizen's Assembly method around the following main issues:

  • Abuse of power in higher music education
  • Relevance of power issues in pedagogy and teaching
  • The role of power relations in and impact on higher music education
  • Promoting communication between all operators in higher music education

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Doctoral research projects; music education

  • Learning an instrument or learning social skills – what is the primary goal of instrumental tuition in Swedish schools of arts and music?, Ida Knutsson
  • Bedömning och betygssättning – komplexa aspekter av musikläraryrket, Johanna Antonsson
  • Time to act: Developing music education in a social sustainability context, Lina Van Dooren
  • Körsången i musikundervisning, Lena Ekman Frisk

Doctoral research projects: artistic research in music

  • A voice beyond the edge, Felicita Brusoni
  • Extended and diversified composable places, Fernando Garnero
  • Plastic Extension of Music, Bertrand Chavarria-Aldrete
  • The Ephemeral City: Songs for the Ghost Quarters, Katherine Hernandez
  • HÉR! An Exploration of Artistic Agency, Halla Steinunn Stefansdottir