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Stefan Östersjö

Stefan Östersjö

Senior lecturer

Stefan Östersjö

Global Hyperorgan : A platform for telematic musicking and research


  • Randall Harlow
  • Mattias Petersson
  • Robert Ek
  • Federico Visi
  • Stefan Östersjö

Summary, in English

The Global Hyperorgan is an intercontinental, creative space for acoustic musicking. Existing pipe organs around the world are networked for real-time, geographicallydistant performance, with performers utilizing instruments and other input devices to collaborate musically through the voices of the pipes in each location. A pilot study was carried out in January 2021, connecting two large pipe organs in Piteå, Sweden, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A quartet of performers tested the Global Hyperorgan’s capacities for telematic musicking through a series of pieces. The concept of modularity is useful when considering the artistic challenges and possibilities of the Global Hyperorgan. We observe how the modular system utilized in the pilot study afforded multiple experiences of shared instrumentality from which new, synthetic voices emerge. As a long-term technological, artistic and social research project, the Global Hyperorgan offers a platform for exploring technology, agency, voice, and intersubjectivity in hyper-acoustic telematic musicking.

Publishing year





Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression

Document type

Conference paper


  • Music


  • AIML
  • Assisted Interactive Machine Learning
  • Global Hyperorgan
  • HCI
  • Hyperinstrument
  • Instrumentality
  • Live-coding
  • Musicking
  • Network performance
  • Performance
  • Telematic

Conference name

International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, 2021

Conference date

2021-06-14 - 2021-06-18

Conference place

Shanghai, China




  • ISSN: 2220-4792