For those who have to pay, which are the tuition fees?

The PhD is fully funded, there are no fees.

Which are the eligibility requirements and how does the selection process work?

The selected candidates are chosen first and foremost on their work and future plans; secondarily are that the candidate should have a Masters in Music, but there may be allowable alternatives.

How are the results presented at the end of the research process?

The results shall fit into a (mixture) dissertation.

Which are the language requirements?

All courses are taught in English.

Are there any mandatory courses for doctoral students?

Yes, there are currently 6 required courses.

Are doctoral students part of a research group or research center? And, in that case, is there financial help for participation in congresses and similar activities?

Yes, students will be part of an active research environment, involving students, faculty and external researchers. There is financial help for students to participate in conferences and other sorts of professional activities.

How many supervisors do students have? Are they all part of the institution or is it allowed to have external supervision?

Each student will have a main supervisor and a second supervisor. In selected cases, it is allowed to have external supervision as well.