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Spanish Dreams

Spanish organ music from the 17th century



Utgivningsår: 2008

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It all started when I met Montserrat Torrent. Since the early fifties she had been travelling the world promoting the old Iberian organ music. I got to know her in 1989, in Malmö, where she did a recital of Catalan composers. I pulled the stops and turned pages and was completely fascinated with her way of playing the organ. How did she do it? It sounded so beautiful! The following summer I went to Haarlem in the Netherlands to attend a master class with her.

Another revelation: the music of Francisco Correa de Arauxo, the mystic who lived in early 17th century Sevilla, an obviously stubborn and hot-tempered man who wrote extremely passionate music in which torrents of sentiment are held together by an old-fashioned but sturdy framework.

The summer after that I arranged with Montserrat Torrent to do a master class in Mallorca with my students. This island is the home of an impressive collection of historical organs, having survived both time in general and the Spanish civil war in particular.

The beautiful legato of Montserrat Torrent and the ascetic but passionate music of Correa de Arauxo; the blazing sun and the cool churches where the scent strikes your nose; the well-salted Mediterranean, the olive oil, the basil and the chilled rosé vine – my infatuation with the Spanish organ and its music grew and I saw that the Iberian baroque organ is a both dramatic and sensual instrument. Its black and silvery Mixtures are night-like stops, self-contained and mystical. Its flamboyant solo stops, the Cornetas, bring to lifte the fight, the pulsating blood and the drama of life and death of the corridas. The trumpets – placed horzontally in the organ façade, like battle guns – evoke the white and radiant mid day sun of the Mediterranean latitudes.

That´s the kind of organ we must have in Malmö! So I thought. And after years of dreams, project-making, planning and installation it was finally inaugurated on the 7th of April 2002 by Montserrat Torrent, of course. This recording is the first on this instrument – located in the choir of the Caroli Church of Malmö – and contains Iberian organ music of which I am particularly fond.


Fr. Diego da Conçeiçao (17th Cent.)
1. Batalha de 5° Tom  5´22

Sebastián Aguilera de Heredia (1561–1627)
2. Primera Obra de 1° tono (sobre el paso de la Salve)  5´38
3. Ensalada  5´36

Francisco Correa de Arauxo (1584–1654)
4. Tiento de medio registro de tiple de septimo tono  5´23
5. Tiento tercero de sexto tono (sobre la batalla de Morales)  6´42
6. Segundo tiento de medio registro de tiple de septimo tono  5´05

Pablo Bruna 1611–1679)
7. Tiento de 1° tono de mano derecha  4´02
8. Tiento de falsas de 2° tono  6´35
9. Tiento de 1° tono de mano derecha y al medio a dos tiples  6´42

Juan Cabanilles (1644–1712)
10. Tiento partido de mano izquierda de 3° tono  6´38

Anonymus (17th Cent.)
11. Batalha de 5° tono  5´52

This CD is recorded and produced in June 2005 in Caroli Church by Dragan Buvac, dB Productions Sweden.