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Expand your Rhythmic Freedom

USB with 14 MP3 tracks for all instruments


Författare: Lars Andersson
Tryck: Malmö 2015
Music recorded at the Malmö Academy of Music, Sweden, in December 2011.
Anders Bergcrantz, trumpet  • Per-Ola Nilsson, guitar  • Johnny Åman, bass 
Lars Andersson, drums

ISBN 978-91-981344-6-9

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The main purpose of this book is to help musicians develop their rhythmic skills. By practicing different kinds of rhythmic phrases such as odd grouping, odd metres, combined metres and metric modulations you can strengthen your rhythmic sense and expand your rhythmic freedom.

Instrumentalists often spend a lot of time developing their harmonic and melodic skills in improvisation without practicing rhythm consciously. Improvisation in jazz deals with three main areas: melody, harmony and rhythm.

A good way to start developing your improvisation skills as a beginner is to play variations of the melody and then moving on to using basic scales e.g. blues scales and pentatonic scales. These scales are not always easy to master but they are often a good starting point.

There are many play-along CDs and books on the market that deal with improvisation from a melodic or harmonic view, but there is a shortage of such material focusing in rhythm.

So, how can we practice rhythm?

Well, the common answer is to practice your rhythms with a metronome and just play along with any record or play-along. This often heard and well-meant advice, however, is not enough to develop the skills of students who are serious about improving their rhythmic skills. Rhythm is not a complicated matter but nonetheless it is not necessarily easy to master. Rhythm needs to be practiced consciously for rhythmic freedom in an improvisational context to be developed.

I hope that this material will help you do that.

Malmö 2015

Lars Andersson


Lars Andersson is a professional jazz drummer who has been touring all over Europe for the last 15 years playing at international and national jazz festivals and clubs. He has worked with, among others, Vincent Herring, Joey Calderazzo, Mark Murphy, Stacey Kent, Ted Curson, Benny Bailey, Putte Wickman, Victoria Tolstoy, Esbjörn Svensson, Jan Lundgren, Jesper Thilo, Arne Domnérus, Nils Landgren, Monica Zetterlund, Svante Thuresson, Etta Cameron och Georgie Fame.

Lars has given clinics and workshops e.g. at Conservatory of Liceu in Barcelona, Konservatorium Wien in Vienna, Royal Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and at Vietnamn National Academy of Music in Hanoi. He currently teaches drums and jazz ensemble at the Malmö Academy of Music in Sweden.