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Boards, committees, colleges, and councils

Term of office: 1 January 2024 - 31 December 2026

At Malmö Academy of Music, the Board of Directors is the highest decision-making body. It consists of 12 members: seven teachers, two other employees and three student representatives, including a doctoral student. They are appointed by election in each category. The school's Head of Department is chairperson. 

Hans Hellsten, Head of Department


Teachers’ representatives
Joakim Barfalk
Adriana Di Lorenzo Tillborg
Mr Anders Johnsson
Francisca Skoogh
Carl-Johan Stjernström
Sara Wilén

Doctoral students’ representative
Johanna Antonsson

Students’ representative
Fredrika Stenstedt
Albin Rickman

Other employees’ representative
Kent Karlsson
Rebecka Lassbo

Deputy representatives (teachers) 
Peter Berglund
David Hansson
Anna Edström Rudolf

Deputy representative (other employees)
Ulrika Emanuelsson

Review panel
Hans Hellsten
Adriana Di Lorenzo Tillborg, teacher representative
Student representative
Secretary: vacant

Notices and minutes in LUBox (in Swedish)

Term of office: 1 January 2024 - 31 December 2026

The Educational Committee for the Performance Programmes in Music and Church Music is responsible for and decides on matters relating to the content, implementation, and development of the programmes.

Daniel Hjorth

Deputy Chairperson
Peter Nilsson

Meeting secretary

Teachers’ representatives 
Daniel Fjellström
Annika Fredriksson
Henrik Frendin
Daniel Hjorth
Peter Nilsson

Deputy representatives (teachers)
Johan Bridger
Maria Streiffert

Students’ representatives
Isabel Lindström
Märta Östergren

Other members
Mattias Hjorth, Head of Education/Rapporteur
Meeting secretary: vacant 

Review panel
Daniel Hjorth
Mattias Hjorth
Student representative
Meeting secretary: vacant

Do you have an issue you want the Educational Committee to address?
Send a summary of the issue to chairperson Daniel Hjorth (daniel [dot] hjorth [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se). The matter will be considered in the review.

Notices and minutes in LUBox (in Swedish)

Term of office: 1 January 2024 – 31 December 2026

The Educational Committee for the Music Teacher Training Programme is responsible for and decides on matters concerning the content, implementation, and development of the programme.

Teachers’ representative
Anders Hallbäck
Maria Hjorth
Mattias Frisk
Pär Moberg
Markus Tullberg

Deputy representatives (teachers)
Elin Waileth Wikström
Maggi Olin

Students’ representatives
Teo Houmann
Carolina Jonsson

Other members
Lars Andersson, Head of Education/Rapporteur
Magnus Ericsson, Head of Education/Rapporteur

Review panel: 
Chairperson: Mattias Frisk
Rapporteur: Lars Andersson
Student representative
Secretary: vacant

Do you have something you want the Educational Committee to address?

1. Send a summary of the case to Love Becker (love [dot] becker [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se (love[dot]becker[at]mhm[dot]lu[dot]se))

2. The matter will be considered in the review and included in the notice which is sent out before the scheduled meeting.

3. The matter is discussed in the committee.

4. The chairperson of the committee gives feedback after the meeting to the person who submitted the case.

Notices and minutes in LUBox (in Swedish)

Term of office: 1 January 2024 - 31 December 2026

The Research and Research Programmes Committee (FFUN) functions as an independent preparatory and decision-making body for research and the doctoral education in Music Education and Artistic Research in Music. Organisationally, FFUN is placed directly under the Board of Directors, just like the Educational Committees.

FFUN consists of a Subject Representative/Subject Manager (Chairperson/Deputy Chairperson), three teachers/researchers and four doctoral students. The Head of Department is co-opted to the committee’s meetings.

The members of the committee are appointed by the Head of Department after consultation with the Chairperson/Deputy Chairperson and are confirmed by the Board of Directors for a term of three years. When appointing members, gender balance should be taken into consideration.

Anna Houmann

Deputy Chairperson
Michael Edgerton

Teachers’ / Researchers’ representatives 
Karin Johansson
Francisca Skoogh

Deputy representatives (Teachers / Researchers) 
Markus Tullberg
Adriana di Lorenzo
Peter Spissky

Doctoral students’ representatives
Lina Van Dooren
Ida Knutsson
Felicita Brusoni
Bertrand Chavarria Aldrete

Deputy representatives (doctoral students) 
Fernando Garnero
Johanna Antonsson

Other members
Adjunct member, Head of Department
Annika Michelsen, co-opted member, Administration Officer at the Faculty of Fine and Performing Art’s Doctoral education
Secretary, vacant

Minutes in LUBox (in Swedish)

The Equality Board focuses on gender equality, equal treatment, and diversity at Malmö Academy of Music. Its mission is to develop, update, inform and disseminate the institution's strategic and long-term work from an intersectional perspective, and to promote mutual tolerance and respect.

These are some of the efforts that have been made over the past five years in the field of equality:

  • A faculty-wide equality initiative, starting with an independent investigation. The results were used for workshops and discussions in all parts of the organisation where the results were further developed.
  • PRIhME (Power Relations in Higher Music Education) - a three-year co-operation project between Malmö Music Academy and eight other European music institutions. The collaboration aimed to find solutions to problems related to power and the exercise of power in higher music education. Themes addressed included gender and sexual orientation, socio-economic background, disability and artistic norms.
  • Lectures and workshops for teachers, students and other staff on norms, intersectionality, broadened recruitment and Tellus, a research project at Lund University focusing on sexual harassment, harassment and victimisation. The lectures were organised in collaboration with the academy’s management team and/or the student union.
  • The creation of a ‘Talk Equally’ corner in the entrance of the school.   
  • An exhibition in cooperation with the school's library focusing on the theses and teaching materials that highlight equality issues. 
  • Christmas gifts distributed around the school premises and an open Zoom meeting place for staff and students to counteract involuntary loneliness during the pandemic's Christmas holidays.
  • A feminist hangout with a film screening and playlist on International Women's Day 2023.
  • Translation of information about our Music Teacher Training Programmes on the website into Easy Swedish, Easy English, Arabic, Dari and Tigrinya.
  • The Equality Committee has also contributed to Malmö Academy of Music receiving various funds for its work on equality.

Hans Hellsten, Head of Department
Almaz Yebio, teacher
Pär Moberg, teacher
Cecilia Nordlund, teacher
Théophile Hartz, teacher
Sara Wilén, teacher/other staff
Thea Lundbäck, other staff
Roger Wadenius Dürnberger, other staff
Linnea Brodin, student representative
Carolina Jonsson, student representative
Linus Sjösten, student representative
Martin Bengzon, student representative

Minutes in LUBox (in Swedish)

Malmö Academy of Music's Environmental Board works to reduce the school's environmental impact in areas such as energy consumption, purchasing, transport and waste management. The Environmental Board also strives to influence opinion and create greater awareness of environmental and sustainability issues.

Since 2018, Malmö Academy of Music has been environmentally certified according to Lund University's criteria. The Environmental Board meets two to three times a term.

These are some of the efforts that have been made over the past five years in the field of environment and sustainability:

  • Presence-controlled lighting is installed in large parts of the A, B, C and D buildings.
  • Separate waste sorting has been introduced.
  • The adacemy's landlord has installed solar panels on the roof to reduce energy consumption.
  • In connection with the remodelling of the old library into the current Liljefors Hall, the hall was furnished with used chairs donated by Lund University.
  • The adacemy's landlord is gradually replacing old lighting with LED lighting to reduce energy consumption.
  • Meetings with environmental officers at Section LU building.
  • Organic fruit is served in the academy's fruit baskets.
  • Instead of new purchases, chairs for the classrooms were reupholstered and renovated.
  • Used sofas were purchased via Lund University for common areas.
  • Broken sofas in the café were repaired instead of new ones being purchased.

Members with rotating chairmanship:
Erik Berndalen, teacher
Maria Hjorth, teacher
Pär Moberg, teacher
Claus Sörensen, teacher
Roger Wadenius Dürnberger, other staff
Simon Bertilsson, student representative
Jonathan Petersson, student representative

Minutes in LUBox (in Swedish)

The Syllabus Committee at the Music Teacher Training programme supports the programme in their work with syllabi at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The committee acts as a support to the organisation, both in the development of new syllabi and in the revision of older syllabi.

The purpose of the Syllabus Committee is to ensure that all syllabi, both for programmes and courses, are of good quality and legally sound. This is part of the Music Teacher Training programme’s quality assurance.


  • Baroque/early music - contact person: Cecilia Kjelldén
  • Guitar - contact person: David Hansson
  • College of Supervisors undergraduate Music Teacher Training programme: contact persons: Adriana di Lorenzo Tillberg and Markus Tullberg
  • Rehearsal - contact person: Max Lörstad
  • Choir - contact person: Mats Paulson
  • Media technology - contact person: Joakim Barfalk
  • Piano - contact person: Franscisca Skoogh
  • Rhythm - contact person: Elin Waileth Wikström
  • Percussion - contact person: Johan Bridger
  • Strings - contact person: Henrik Frendin
  • Vocals - contact person: Elisabeth Melander
  • Theory/Composition College: contact person Erik Berndalen 
    - Arranging/Composition, jazz specialisation
    - Arranging/Composition, classical specialisation
    - Composition/Music for Film and Media
    - EAM/Electroacoustic Music
    - Counterpoint, Instrumentation, Listening/Analysis, Composition
    - Composition, Theory of form, Musical analysis
    - Composition, Compositional methodology
  • Woodwind - contact person: Annika Fredriksson
  • UVK (core education subjects) - contact person: Anna Houmann


  • Folk and world music - contact persons: Pär Moberg, Allan Skrobe
  • Jazz - contact persons: Peter Nilsson, Claus Sörensen
  • Chamber music - contact person: David Hansson
  • Media technology - contact person: Joakim Barfalk
  • Orchestra - contact persons: Johan Antoni and Samuli Örnströmer
  • Pop/Rock - contact persons: Mattias Frisk, Johan Hallström
  • Singer songwriter - contact person: Anders Hallbäck
  • Vocal – Genre Diversity - contact persons: Johan Hallström, Maria Hjorth

Management group

Hans Hellsten
Professor and Head of Department

Almaz Yebio
Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of Department

Magnus Ericsson
Director of Studies and Programme Director

Lars Andersson
Senior Lecturer and Programme Director

Mattias Hjorth
Lecturer and Programme Director

Åse Lugnér
Head of office

Kent Karlsson
Head of office