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Doctoral student

Our doctoral education programs are presented on the Canvas learning platform, where you will find syllabi, schedules and other information regarding your courses.

General syllabus

There is a general syllabus for every research studies discipline, approved by the Board of the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts. The general syllabus contains:

  • the main structure of the programme
  • specific admission requirements, prerequisite knowledge and other conditions for admission to the programme
  • regulations on selection and the criteria applied for the assessment of applicants’ ability to profit from the programme

Learn more about the general syllabus here

Registration in Ladok

 It is your own responsibility to register in Ladok ahead of each semester. In order to register as an active doctoral student, log in to the Student Portal,, with your Lucat ID (see point 9) or StiL account.

Learn more about registering in Ladok


Inter Arts Center (IAC), is a platform for artistic research and expermentation supporting interdisciplinary collaborations and collaboration with the surrounding cultural life. Learn more about Inter Arts Center.

Annual conferences and publishing opportunities are offered within the framework of a pan-Nordic network, the Nordic Network for Music Pedagogical Research. Within the artistic research subjects, a number of intra-, inter- and transdisciplinary networks can be relevant for the individual doctoral student. Contact your subject representative for more information.


Eva Sæther
Professor in Music Education
eva [dot] saether [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 73 159 05 16

Michael Edgerton
Professor in Artistic Research in Music
michael [dot] edgerton [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se