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The Board of Directors is the highest decision-making body at The Malmö Academy of Music and has overall responsibility for its operation(s). The Board comprises 12 members (eight instructors that include a prefect and assistant prefect; a Doctoral student; two students; and a member from the technical/administrative staff) who are selected by election held within the respective categories.

Two Educational committees have been established: the Educational Committee for Performance and Church Music Programmes, and the Educational Committee for Music Teachers. These committees are responsible for establishing policy and other decision-making issues regarding course contents, their realization and development.

Rector and Prefect
The Malmö Academy of Music is headed by the rector Karin Johansson. The prefect supervises the overall activities of the Academy and is responsible for the Academy’s personnel and management.

The administrative organisation for the Malmö Academy of Music comprises two Registrar’s offices as well as departments shared by the entire Academy: the Library, Engineering and Information Technology, Personnel/Scheduling/Economy, Information/Concerts and Services.

The Registrar’s offices primary tasks concern pedagogical supervision and leadership, planning, development and the review of the courses. The shared offices are responsible for their specific departments and decisions relevant to their operation. Deputy director Lars Härstedt Salmonson and Mattias Hjorth is responsible for the operations and running of the Performance and Church Music Programmes. Deputy director Lars Andersson and Magnus Ericsson have responsibility for the Music Teacher´s Programme. 

The Malmö Academy of Music has a large number of committees that work with academic planning and coordination. The committees also function in an advisory and preparatory capacity for the educational committees and board. The Academy has an employment committee, library committee, FUN committee (a committee for research studies) [FUN = Forskningsutbildningsnämnd], as well as committees within the following areas: woodwind instruments, brass instruments, percussion instruments, ensemble and choir conducting, chamber music, baroque music, church music and organ, jazz, rock/pop, folk and world music, ear training, music theory, history of music, media and studio, composition, AU (general educational areas) and eurythmic-drama-dance. 

All instructors at the Academy participate as committee members within their areas. Normally, a student representative is appointed to the committee meetings. Select meetings or parts thereof may be intended for collegiate discussions, whereby the student representative’s attendance may not be necessary.

Management Group

Karin Johansson
Professor, Head of Department/Rector

Hans Hellsten
Professor, Deputy Head of Department

Magnus Ericsson
Director of Studies, Programme Director

Birgit Jakobsson
Administration Manager

Lars Andersson
Senior Lecturer, Programme Director

Mattias Hjorth
Lecturer, Programme Director

Lars Härstedt Salmonson
Programme Director