Our handling of the coronavirus



Due to the escalating spread of infection that is still high in Skåne and the new guidance from the Student and Education Section at Lund University, we want to inform you regarding how this affects the Malmö Academy of Music. All to help minimize the spread of infection. The following applies up to and including January 24, 2021 and might be prolonged.

The basic is that all teaching and assessment of students’ performance (examination) is to be conducted digitally without physical attendance on the University’s premises and taking into account the University’s decisions and the Swedish Public Health Agency’s regulations, general advice and recommendations. Only such teaching and examination that are impossible, or possible only with great difficulty, to conduct remotely may be carried out with physical attendance on the University’s premises.

Although examination that are impossible, or possible only with great difficulty, to conduct remotely and teaching with artistic, practical and laboratory elements are prioritized for physical attendance on the University’s premises, we still need to have strict rules of conduct at the Malmö Academy of Music.

The following applies to the Malmö Academy of Music until further notice;

Priority one:

- Continue to follow the same rules and recommendations regarding distance, hygiene and staying at home in case of illness.

Priority two:

- Switch to as much remote education as possible. We have purchased digital tools to improve the sound quality of distance education. As a teacher you can always contact your immediate supervisor.

- All practice and all work that does not need to be done at the Malmö Academy of Music should be done at home.

Priority three:

Recommendations regarding the number of people in different halls/rooms:

At the request of employees, we have in a previous mail (please see coronamail 9, November 20) stipulated recommendations regarding the number of people in halls/rooms. In most of the premises and as long as distance can be kept we assume the maximum of 8 people in a room/hall with the exception of larger halls/rooms, among others; Rosenbergsalen: maximum 20 people on stage and maximum 20 people in the audience. Lilla salen: maximum 20 people in total in the entire room. 

Employees who do not need to be at the workplace to maintain necessary activities are to work from home, initially until January 24, 2021. If you as a teacher or TA staff are unsure or feel anxious, contact your nearest manager.

The faculty has decided that Danish students must comply with the entry ban that applies until January 21 or until further notice.

Exchange students: Each exchange student needs to check what applies before entry.

If you as a student feel anxious or have any questions about your teaching or examination, talk first with your teacher, secondly with your education coordinator. The same applies if you think any of these recommendations make examination impossible.

The café

The café will be closed until January 25, i.e. longer than previously announced.

We now have the opportunity to provide hot air in the tent so that it later can be used during lunch break to avoid gathering in the café. For the X-corridor, it is at lunchtime also possible to eat in X217 and for the dining room in the B300-corridor, the teacher's room next door can also be used. For students, the corner outside the computer room can also be used. 

Areas to study and practice

During this time, study spaces and computer rooms are to be left accessible only to a limited extent, which also applies to other spaces for students such as group rooms, lunch rooms, coffee rooms etc. because it is important that the Malmö Academy of music is not used as a place to ‘hang out’. Instead please plan for as short visits as possible.

It is only for absolutely necessary practice and teaching/examination that you should stay on the premises.

The library

Libraries are to be kept open with limited hours for the University’s employees and students to the extent necessary to allow deposits or lending of books and access to reference literature. The library at the Malmö Academy of Music will be open ('Meröppet') as usual (from 08am to 8pm, LU card is required) and staff will be available at the lending desk from 10am to 2pm. The media room is kept closed.


- Use the Helpdesk as much as possible and limit physical meetings with our service staff.

- A few toilets have been reserved for staff as there are several among them who are at risk. Please respect the signs that are put up on these toilets.

- The Symphony Orchestra Project has a new set-up to be able to take place as safely as possible and the new set-up has been approved by the dean.

We have a list in LU Box (Covid-19) where we keep track of the number of reported covid-19 infected. It is important that what is reported is filled in the list by the administration so that we can keep track of the spread of the virus.

The strained situation in healthcare requires that we, in turn, must do what we can to not aggrevate the current situation and at the same time maintain the quality of our education. We take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience and your efforts! There will be better times!



As the spread of infection remains serious, the government announced additional restrictions for the whole of Sweden on 18 December 2020. Among other things, all activities conducted by the state and which are not necessary should be shut down immediately until 24 January 2021. Furthermore, all government agencies have a particular responsibility to ensure that all staff who do not need to be at the workplace are to work from home up to and including 24 January 2021.

Regarding teaching and assessment, the decision clarifies that they are to be conducted digitally as far as possible, with no physical attendance on University premises.

Read more on LU Staff Pages


As of 14 December, stricter national regulations and general advice come into force about everyone's responsibility to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Everyone in society, both individuals and business operators, has an obligation to take measures to prevent the spread of infection. This also applies to celebrating festive occasions.

Learn more about the stricter national regulations on krisinformation.se

Do not move tables and chairs together, avoid queuing at microwave ovens or copiers and do not sit close together at a computer or mobile phone! Open windows and ventilate, but please do not forget to close the window when you go!

Wash and spray your hands often, cough in the armpit and avoid poking yourself in the face. If you see that wet wipes, hand alcohol bottles or containers with hand alcohol are empty, notify the reception or the Helpdesk.

Do as much as possible at a distance and stay at home at the slightest sign of feeling unwell (fever, sore throat, runny nose or cough). Test yourself for symptoms.