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Our handling of the coronavirus



On May 27, the Swedish government presented a five-step plan for adaptation and easing of the restrictions. One of the new recommendations is for digital learning to no longer be the default mode for higher education. This means that it will be possible to conduct education on site at universities and colleges as of June 1st. 

Due to the new recommendations, Malmö Academy of Music has raised the maximum number of seated people in our largest premises (from June 1st):

  • Rosenbergsalen: a maximum of 50 people
  • Lilla salen: a maximum of 30 people
  • Liljeforssalen: a maximum of 15 people when using the grand piano and a maximum of 20 people when the grand piano has been moved away

The numbers apply to seated audiences in designated places with a fair distance (otherwise a maximum of 8 people applies). Think about the logistics when entering and leaving. If we can all respect the remaining recommendations, we hope to be able to have full aduiences some time next semester, but that depends on what the situation looks like then.

Please keep in mind to:
Keep your distance - Think about hygiene - Stay at home if you feel sick!


The updated vice-chancellor’s decision on 12 May 2021 states that teaching and assessment are to continue to be conducted digitally with no physical presence on the University’s premises according to the conditions referred to in the decision, up to and including 29 August 2021. Employees who do not need to be at the workplace to maintain necessary activities should continue to work from home.

Learn more here


We now have three students reported infected. They were reported on April 22 and 29 as well as May 2. They all have different group affiliations and therefore this can be the beginning of a greater spread of infection at the Malmö Academy of Music. We need to take immediate action and first and foremost we want to ask each of you to help stop the spread of infection, otherwise we risk to no longer be granted an exemption and can no longer conduct certain teaching on site on our premises.

  1. Remember to report established Covid to your education office. If you want, they can help you contact those you have met at the Malmö Academy of Music while you have probably been infected so that those who need information also get it as quickly as possible.
  2. If someone who has been diagnosed with Covid contacts you and tells you that you might be infected, you must stay at home for at least seven days, even if you have no symptoms and even if you yourself receive a negative test result.
  3. Keep your distance, observe good hygiene and stay home if you feel sick.

You may only stay on the premises in close proximity to education, examination or practice. Feel free to use a mouth guard when you are within the premises of the Malmö Academy of Music, use the bottles with disinfection that are set up and clean keys and instruments with the wet wipes that are available.

Pay attention to the symptoms of Covid -19. It usually takes 5 days, but can vary between 2 and 7 days. In exceptional cases, it can take up to 14 days from the time you become infected until the symptoms appear. You should avoid close contact with other people during that time.

The tent in the courtyard is heated at lunchtime. Use it but keep a good distance to others. We would like to ask you to respect the markings and restraints on seats in the cafeteria, even if you are seated close to friends you normally hang out with.

Let us help each other so that we can continue to provide as good education as possible in these pandemic times. We understand that it has been a tiring long period but now it is hopefully the beginning of the end! Let us together persevere!

Useful links:

More about Covid -19

If you get sick - Försäkringskassan
Information about Covid 19 in other languages



Guidance on the implementation of the decision on education during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak (STYR 2020/251)

This information is build upon updated Guidance from the Study Administration evaluation group belonging to the principal's decision in the light of the outbreak of the coronavirus, STYR 2020/251 (in Swedish and English). This replaces the previous version from 15 February 2021.

Changes in the guidance in relation to the previous one are above all (in short) that:

• Under the heading "Implementation of teaching and examination"

o Distance between seats specified to at least 2 meters (according to Smittskydd Skåne's recommendation)

• Under the heading "Premises"

o Students are still encouraged to study from home as a starting point, but the university's previous decision to severely limit access to study places and other spaces for students has been adjusted so that

study places and computer rooms must be kept available to an extent that, with the avoidance of the spread of covid-19, provides the opportunity to (previously “… available only to a limited extent…).

o Libraries should be kept open to the university's students and staff to the extent necessary to meet the possibility of using study places, deposits or lending at libraries and access to reference literature (formerly “… shall be kept openly limited…”.

o Other spaces for students such as group rooms, lunch rooms, coffee rooms must be kept available to the extent possible to avoid the spread of infection (previously "must be kept closed… ")

o Reference to Guidance for the management of study places during ongoing outbreaks of the Coronavirus Dnr STYR 221/771 in support of the management of study places and premises in connection with study places.

o Addition that it is important that each faculty publishes information about opening hours and which rooms are open on their own corona pages.


Vice-chancellor’s decision from March 18 applies until further notice. Since last December, Lund University has taken a more restrictive position than other Swedish higher education institutions regarding access to study places; this is now being adjusted through the present decision.
Meanwhile, the spread of infection must continue to be avoided as far as possible. Students are therefore encouraged to continue studying primarily from home, and only to be on campus when it is necessary for information searches, use of reference materials and access to learning support or equipment for digital teaching and assessment. Since teaching and assessment at the Malmö Academy of Music only with great difficulty can be carried out remotely, our students always have access to our premises in connection with teaching and assessment that require a physical presence.
In order to create a safer environment, the distance between study places is increased to 2 m on the recommendation of the Skåne infection control authority, Smittskydd Skåne. We will implement the new distance and will replace the sign material as soon as possible.
Another new element in the decision is that University organisations such as museums, art galleries, shops and parks which have so far been closed to the public may open to a limited extent and within the applicable guidelines, pursuant to a new provision.
Updated information for students can be found at and

Keep your distance - Mind your hygiene - Stay at home if you feel sick!

If you have questions, please get in contact with your manager or head teacher. You can also send questions to: corona [at] lu [dot] se