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Our handling of the coronavirus



On 29/9, step 4 began in the Swedish government's plan for the abolition of restrictions such as maximum numbers for participating in public gatherings or public events. At the same time, it has been shown that the effect of two doses of vaccine is not as long-lasting as hoped, so LU’s decision on a gradual return to 1/11 still applies. At MHM, we have drawn up a plan for the gradual process until 1 November, which still applies (see, for example, the maximum number of people for different premises below). If the spread of infection does not increase, we will have a completely normal situation again from the first of November.

From September 29

We want to remind everyone to continue to keep distance and avoid crowding, to stay at home in case of symptoms that may be due to covid-19 and to have good hand hygiene. For guidance on what applies when having symptoms, there is current information on the care guide

We will still have hand disinfectives and distance decals etc. at our premises to remind of compliance with the above.

Maximum number of persons in different premises/rooms

The following numbers apply in our premises until November 1. Thereafter, the same number applies as before the pandemic as long as the spread of infection does not increase again.

• Rosenbergsalen: max 200 people in the audience. 60 on stage. Note! Seated audience and think about the logistics of entry and exit.

• Lilla salen: maximum 75 people in total in the entire room. Also think here about distance and logistics so that inflows and outflows take place with reassuring distances between the participants.

• Liljeforssalen: a maximum of 40 people in total if the grand piano is used (designated seats with a good distance apply) and a maximum of 45 people in total if the grand piano has been moved in favor of more designated seats with a good distance. Feel free to use the door to the courtyard in Liljeforssalen as an exit for students and teachers if many people are to leave the room at the same time as others are to enter.

• Other large rooms such as: D202, D204, D206, D208, D210: maximum 30 people in total in the hall / room.

• Medium-sized rooms and ensemble rooms in: Y208, B201, C201, C300, C400, A200 and B300 corridors: max 30 people.

• The courtyard can be used.


A certificate from a doctor / psychologist or equivalent is now required to be entitled to special adaptation of teaching and examination, to apply for a study break with a place guarantee or to apply for a postponement regarding the start of studies.

Here in Malmö, we have been offered 2 hours of drop-in time for our students to get a dose of a covid-vaccine (not on campus but at the hospital).

Date: October 12
Time: from 2 to 4 pm
Address: Jan Waldenströms gata 5 (SUS Malmö)

Learn more

Keep your distance - Mind your hygiene - Stay at home if you feel sick!

If you have questions, please get in contact with your manager or head teacher. You can also send questions to: corona [at] lu [dot] se