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Here is information about the various scholarships that can be applied for by our registered students.

The Sisters Rosendahl's donation for vocal and music students

Awarded to one female and one male student at the Malmö Academy of Music. Two scholarships of SEK 10,000 each have been distributed annually since 2012 and will continue as long as the capital remaines. 



Helle Stigung scholarship for opera singers - new scholarship!

Young, promising opera singer at the Malmö Academy of Music is awarded a (travel) scholarship. The scholarship is SEK 20,000 and will be awarded over a 10-year period starting in 2021.

Can not be applied for. The Academy of Music's management group, in consultation with teachers in the Master´s Programme, Vocal and Drama studies, decides on dividends at the end of the spring semester.

Sven Fredriksson's pianist scholarship

Will support talented, ambitious students' education in piano playing at the Malmö Academy of Music. The scholarship is for piano with a focus on Western art music. The amount of the scholarship varies from year to year.



Signe and Edvin Malmqvist's scholarship fund

The scholarships are intended for woodwind students (with a broad interpretation of the term woodwind) and primarily fluteists. Students in all musical genres / styles can receive the scholarship.

The scholarships are issued according to the following criteria:

  • Level 1: Primarily to all newly admitted woodwind students who start a program and have not studied here before.
  • Level 2: alternatively to newly admitted woodwind students at master's level who have previously completed a Bachelor's program or are newly admitted to an independent course.
  • Level 3: Thirdly, students who are in particular need of financial support or are admitted to exchange studies. Primarily fluteists.

No application. The scholarships are announced during the autumn.

Sten K Johnson

The foundation awards scholarships to students in the brass field at the Malmö Academy of Music. The scholarships are intended to award particularly good performance in the studies. In addition to general principles the following criteria apply:

  • the scholarships should preferably be used as education scholarships, travel grants or as a contribution to instrument purchases
  • the brass board, through its chairman participate in the nominations in collaboration with the donor / foundation



Marianne and Lars-Anders Linder Foundation

Awarded to string students at the Malmö Academy of Music. The scholarship amount varies.

String scholarship to Lars and Gudrun Christensen's memory

Awarded to one or more students at the Malmö Academy of Music. Consideration should be given to ambition, talent and necessity with preference to violin and cello students.

April - May


Foundation Annik and Lars Leander 

The scholarship amount, 35,000 SEK, will at the end of the spring semester go to a student on the following programs: Bachelor of Music Composition, Master of Music Composition, Master of Music Composition Diploma or Master of Composition - Scoring for Film and Media – at the Malmö Academy of Music.

Qualified for this scholarship are students from all grades.

How to apply

In addition to name, year of birth, address, e-mail address and phone number, the application must contain a summary of the applicant's financial situation as well as data on other sought and / or received scholarships since the Music University studies begun. Furthermore, the reasons for the application should be briefly mentioned, and the planned use of scholarship funds.

The application shall be submitted to Lena Arstam (registrar) lena [dot] arstam [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se at the office of the Malmö Academy of Music. The envelope / e-mail shall be marked "Foundation Annik and Lars Leander". Applications received after the 1st of March can not be taken into consideration.

The beneficiary of this scholarship is informed by letter no later than May 15.

How the received funds have been used, shall be notified in writing by the scholarship holder not later than November 30 the same year that the scholarship is received. The report is submitted to Lena Arstam (registrar) at the office of the Malmö Academy of Music and shall be marked "Foundation Annik and Lars Leander".

It has been shown, that those who over the years received the scholarship, often have applied several times. Thus, both students who have applied before and those who intend to apply for the first time, are welcome.

January 15 - March 1

Inga and Georg Kopelius Memorial Fund

Malmö Academy of Music annually awards scholarships from the foundation to promote and support young peoples education in general and excellent student performances in particular. The scholarships can also be used in other ways than individual students to promote young people's music education.

The scholarship can be applied for by students at the age of 28 years or younger. The Malmö Adademy of Music has decided that the scholarships from the fund will go to:

  • Organ students of the church musician education.
  • Guitar students with a focus on western art music.
  • Music teacher's training.

Please note that the scholarship has a separate application form in the application system.

Educational scholarships

  • Elsy Jönsson; one scholarship per student per academic year, preferably for music pedagogical purposes.
  • Britta Nilsson; part of the fund will be distributed annually as scholarships, primarily to prospective music teachers.
  • Märta Klang; scholarship to students at the Malmö Academy of Music. 
  • Gunnel and Bertil Svensson's Foundation for Promising Musicians

The purpose of the foundation is to promote education and development at the Malmö Academy of Music by distributing at least one scholarship or contribution to talented and promising instrumental or vocal students each year. The scholarships are distributed equally between men and women. Cannot be applied for. The scholarship is awared by the Academy management and handed out at the end of the spring semester. 

The Sten, Stellan and Märta Hähnel's memorial fundation

A scholarship to promote the education of young music students who awards students at all Swedish Music Academies since 2012. Each school has SEK 18,000–25,000 to distribute to a student. The fund is administered by the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Cannot be applied for. The Academy management provides the Royal College of Music with a nomination.

Ebba and Birgit Jansson's Fund

Scholarship to "young promising musicians who practice classical music". Cannot be applied for. The scholarship is awared by the Academy management and handed out at the end of the spring semester. 

Lund University Global scholarship for current students

The Lund University Global Scholarship is for current international students with excellent academic results from Lund University. The scholarship is intended to help cover tuition fees for continued studies at Lund University.

April - May


Jubelfonden's scholarships for young musicians

The Swedish "Frimurarorden" annually awards scholarships to, among others, students at the Malmö Academy of Music. Two major scholarships go to young musicians, individually or in groups, in all genres except the classical.

Can not be applied for. The Academy of Music's management team decides on the nomination of students, the Jubilee Fund makes decisions in the autumn. The scholarships are awarded at a ceremony when there will also be a short concert.

The scholarship recipients are presented on the Jubelfonden's website with words and pictures as well as the nomination committee's motivation

The distribution of the scholarships is decided by the Academy Management in consultation with subject boards, individual teachers or donors/representatives. The evaluation is usually not based on a particular audition but covers the overall study performance.

The evaluation is based on the following principles:

  • great emphasis is placed on study results and how the scholarship contributes to the student's development
  • great emphasis is placed on the purposes and motives presented in the application
  • everyone, regardless of the field of study, must have similar conditions for receiving a scholarship
  • all students regardless of grade can apply, but those who are at the end of their education are prioritized
  • previously received scholarships do not prevent re-applying.

All who apply for a scholarship will be notified of the result. However, applications submitted outside the application period will not be considered. Most scholarships are announced and awarded at the closing ceremony in June, when donors or representatives of foundations are invited. The payment is made through a requisition that is distributed separetely.

Call for applications for scholarships spring 2021

Calls for applications  (pdf documenent)

Application period April 15 – May 3 2021

Link to application


Heléne Persson
Scholarship Officer
+46 40 32 54 22
helene [dot] persson [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se