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Service Functions

Her you can get help with:

  • The Lund university Card (Your entrance and ID card at The Malmö Academy of Music)
  • Room booking – a computer is available at the Reception desk
  • Add print account to printers
  • Collection and delivery of less ordered technical equipment from Teknikenheten
  • Sales of envelopes, books and compendiums as well as profile products
  • Lending of teacher's copy cards, music stands and lights to music stands
  • Allocation of cabinets
  • * Note! Order 2 working days in advance required.

All cases, both error and orders of various kinds, must be submitted to the
Help Desk Center

Entrance Keycard/ID card

At the beginning of the term you will be issued with an ID card that shows that you are a student at the Academy. The card doubles as a keycard to get through the main entrance of the Academy and as identification at the Academy’s concerts. The card costs SEK 100 and is valid for the entire time you study at the Academy. Your card will be deactivated a month after you complete your studies at the Academy. 

NB! The card also acts as a Student ID so you can get free tickets and discounted tickets to Malmö Symphony Orchestra concerts. 

Keys and Internal Keycards

Depending on which programme and which instrument you are studying, you will be issued with keys/keycards to certain studios. Ask your teacher if you have the right to use a studio and thereafter you can contact the reception. Students can borrow keys/keycards at reception for a deposit of SEK 200. Once the card has been returned, SEK 100 is also returned. Lost cards cost SEK 100. 

If you need a key/keycard temporarily, you can borrow one from Reception for one day. The key/keycard should be returned to Reception or placed through Reception’s mail slot as soon as you are finished with it. If a key/keycard is not returned, the borrower first receives a warning and if this is repeated, the borrower will not be allowed to book studios.


Student lockers are assigned depending on which programme you are studying and what your main instrument of study is. 

NB! If you want to change locker, please contact the Reception. Please do not store anything on top of your locker. The Academy is not responsible for any private valuables.

Remember that you must empty your locker and remove your locks at graduation. Do you have a study break, you must empty your locker and when you come back you will be assigned a new one. If this is not respected, the Service Unit has to cut your locks.

At MHM, the Helpdesk is used as a way of contact, for everything from orders for service and technical equipment, to reporting defects on campus premises and equipment. It is also the Helpdesk you turn to when requesting access to rooms you have booked.

In short, all MHM's services are reached via Helpdesk, where we are ready to help you with almost anything you may need during your studies or employment at MHM.

The practice rooms are for students attending the Academy's programmes or independent courses of at least 15 credits/semester. If you are studying a smaller course, you can use the open practice rooms during the reception's opening hours.

Practice rooms are available in corridors A200, D200 and Y200.

Instructions for practice rooms in corridors A200 and D200

• Write your name and the time you enter the room. The room is yours to practice in for one hour. After one hour, another person can knock on the door and take over the room. If no one knocks and no one waits outside the room, you can sign up for another hour.

Instructions for rehearsal rooms in the Y200 corridor

• The practice rooms are booked in TimeEdit or on a note outside the door.

Practice rooms - overview

A202, A204, A205, A206, A207, A208, A209, A210, A211 and A213

D201, D203, D205, D207 and D209

Y209, Y211, Y215, Y217, Y229, Y233, Y239 and Y243



Birgit Jakobsson
Head of Administration
+46 (0)722 41 31 19
birgit [dot] jakobsson [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se