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Practice Studios

All students have access to a large number of practice studios. Furthermore, various instrument and genre groups of students also have access to certain teaching studios when they are not being used for teaching.  Studios can be booked by logging into
Information on the studios you have access to can be found at the Service Unit. Most studios are locked. If you have a keycard for internal doors, it will be programmed according to which studios you have access to.

Practice studios – an overview
ALL students have access to the following practice studios: 
A203, A205, A207, A209, A211, A213, A202, A204, A206, A208, A210, A214 and A215 (smaller rock/jazz-ensemble studios) If appropriate, a key / keycard can be borrowed at the Reception. 

B320, B228, B230 och B232  can be ordered via TimeEdit. Keys / keycards can be borrowed at the Reception.

B318 (Reed shop) is used by the woodwind students.

D201, D203, D205, D207, D209, D309, D311 and D206 + D208 (ensemble studios booked through Timeedit. Keys / keycards can be borrowed at the Reception.

Y209, Y211, Y213, Y215, Y217, Y219, Y223, Y227, Y245, Y247 and Y222 och Y252 (rock/jazz-ensemble studios). Keys / keycards can be borrowed at the Reception.

In addition there are classrooms (which can be ordered via Timeedit, key / keycard at the Reception) and practice studios are available for some students:
See the first bulletin board, entitled "Lokaler" ("Premises") near the Reception.

Rules for studios

Studios can only be booked by students of the Malmö Academy of Music who have StiL ID. As least half of those using the studios must be students at the Academy. Normally, only evenings and weekends can be booked. If there are free periods during the day they can be booked, but classes are always prioritised. You can make a maximum of five bookings up to two weeks in advance.

The Academy owns several practice studos/rooms. For your own benefit, the Student Union has listed a few simple rules and regulations:

  • When leaving the room/studio, sign your name and add the date and time of leaving.
  • During your break, you may close the inner door only. If you close the outer door, you forfeit your right to re-enter the room.
  • Breaks may last for a maximum of 30 minutes, after which you forfeit your right to the room.
  • Others may borrow your room during your break.
  • You must not take a second break in direct connection to the previous.
  • Tidy the room before leaving!

In addition, the following rules:

  • "Non-pauseable Room" rule:
    The following rule, which applies to three rooms only, has proved effective during periods of heavy demand for stints of spontaneous practice.
  • On weekdays 9.00am–4.00pm practice is allowed for a maximun of one hour a day only, and without leaving the room, in practice rooms D203, Y209 and Y211.
  • Thus, if you have played in one of the above studios for one hour, or leave earlier, you no longer have access to any of them, until the following day.
  • Swap rule: 
    If you need a certain studio, e.g. for playing drums or bass, you may change rooms with a fellow student;
    N.B. on the understanding that you do have a room for exchange.
  • Window rule: 
    Never practise with windows open (even with a small gap)! For fresh air, open the window when you take a break; never when practising!