Borrowing Instruments and Electronic Equipment


Borrowing instruments
The Malmö Academy of Music has a wide range of musical instruments available to borrow. These are primarily meant for students who have chosen a secondary instrument of study and are beginners. 

You can borrow instruments by booking them at the Academy’s Help desk:

Book instruments at least two days before you need them. 
Borrowers are held financially responsible for any damage to instruments caused by carelessness, etc. Damage due to routine wear and tear will of course be paid for by the Academy.

The following rules apply to borrowing instruments:
• As a borrower, you must sign an insurance policy for the instrument that applies for the time it is in your care. 
• As a borrower, you are held financially responsible for the instrument you have on loan from the Academy.
• Borrowers may never lend borrowed instruments/equipment to anyone else.

Borrowing equipment
Do you need to borrow microphones, guitar amplifiers, cables or maybe an entire PA set up? All this and more can be borrowed by booking equipment at the Academy’s help desk: