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Två studenter som sitter mitt emot varande och samtalar. Foto.

Upcoming activities with the Student Health Centre

How are you feeling? If you have problems associated with student life, you can turn to the Student Health Centre. During November and December, they offer different activities focusing on student health – everything from winter blues to worry or stress.

The Student Health Centre hosts seminars and offers support groups and programmes to support you during your studies. Right now, there are different activities you can register to during the autumn semester.

Winter blues seminar – how to survive the darkness

Most people are affected by the winter darkness in Sweden and this part of the world, but for some people it may have negative effects. Join our seminar on how the dark season affects our mood, with tips on how to make the situation easier and how to feel better.

Date: 14 November

Time: 17:15–19:00

Place: In Lund

More information and how to register to the Winter blues seminar

Metacognitive Group Therapy (MCGT)

This group treatment for worry and rumination is aimed at remedying repetitive negative thinking. The emphasis will be on learning strategies for dealing with worry and rumination.

Dates: 15 November, 22 November, 29 November, 6 December, 13 December, 20 December (Tuesdays)
Time: 09:00–11:00
Place: The Student Health Centre's premises, Sandgatan 3, Lund

More information and how to register to MCGT

Online stress management programme

The programme consists of five modules, reaching over five weeks. During those weeks, you will get a chance to learn about stress and how it affects you. You will also get a better understanding of your own reactions and how to better handle the stress.

You can sign up to participate in the Online stress management programme at any time.

More information and how to register to the stress management programme

The Student Health Centre

The Student Health Centre at Lund University focuses on addressing problems associated with student life. For example, if you have problems with stress, performance or exam-related anxiety, fear of speaking in front of others, procrastination, worry, alcohol problems, sleep disorders, depression or you want to change your lifestyle; you have come to the right place.

Student Health Centre | Lund University

In case of emergency

Dial 112

University guard: 
+ 46 46 222 07 00

Opening hours

Staff and students have access to the premises:
Mon - Fri: 7.00 - 22.45
Sat - Sun and holidays: 8:00 - 22:45