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Concert production

The students at Malmö Academy of Music give about two hundred concerts each academic year. The concerts are planned and carried out by the school's concert producers in collaboration with management, teachers and students as well as external partners.

Concert instructions

Inform the producer about your concert no later than three weeks before the intended date via email. To make sure your concert is promoted via Malmö Academy of Music's concert calendar (which is also shown on the school's info screens), the producer needs the following information:

  • Your name
  • Type of concert (graduation concert, student concert, etc.)
  • Image - landscape format
  • Headline - a title that describes your concert
  • Text - a short text that describes your concert
  • Participants (soloist, conductor and other fellow musicians)
  • Date and time for your concert
  • Where is your concert taking place (venue, room etc.)
  • Your programme - composer and works (attach a programme sheet as a PDF file)
  • Is your concert a public event?

Feel free to go to the concert calendar to see how other students have written about their concerts and to get inspiration.

Malmö Academy of Music's concert calendar

Instruments and technical equipment

You are welcome to discuss your instrumental and/or technical needs with the producer and ask for advice. However, you are the one responsible for ordering any instruments or equipment required. You do this via Helpdesk.

To access the room on the day of the concert, you must have booked it in advance so access is added to your LU card. This is also done via Helpdesk. 

Go to Helpdesk

Concert marketing

If you have submitted the correct information to the producer at the right time, your concert will be marketed via Malmö Academy of Music's website and via the school's internal info screens.

Concert programmes and posters
We make programmes and posters for major external tours and when material needs to be sent to an external producer. We do not make programmes and posters for internal concerts.

Social Media
Do not forget to promote your concert via your own social media platforms. If the concert is in the school's concert calendar, it is easy to link to it. 

Do you need a Facebook event on Malmö Academy of Music's Facebook page for your concert? Contact the school's communicator Amelie Malmgren.

STIM report

No later than three days after your concert, you must report the number of visitors. The information is used as a basis for Malmö Academy of Music's reporting to STIM. This is regulated by law.


David Hornwall
Concert producer
david [dot] hornwall [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se

Johan Antoni
Symphony Orchestra manager
johan [dot] antoni [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se

Musikhögskolans Symfoniorkester. Foto.
Jazzensemble MuKy
Student med gitarr. Foto.
Tre studenter uppträder. Foto.