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Summer information to all students from the Service Unit

To all students

  • All lockers in the A-corridor will be repainted this summer. If you have a locker there, you must empty it no later than Friday 10 June. If you do not comply with this the service unit will have to cut open your locker. You will get your own locker back after summer. 
  • You cannot borrow anything from AV after 3 June.
  • Return everything you have borrowed from AV no later than 7 June.
  • It is not possible to borrow instruments and/or technical equipment over the summer.

To graduate students / students who are going on an exchange or study break

  • Return your LU card and keys in reception no later than Friday 10 June.
  • Empty your locker and mailbox no later than Friday 10 June. Anything left after that date will be discarded. If you leave your pad lock on the locker, the service unit will have to cut it open.

Access to Malmö Academy of Music's premises during the summer of 2022

A lot of students want to use Malmö Academy of Music's premises during summer. However, this is the only longer period we have for maintenance and repairs – efforts that are necessary for a well-functioning school next academic year.

The following applies:

  • Summer opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 07.00 - 23.00 but the availability to some premises will be limited from mid-June until the start of the term.
  • From 11 July to 7 August, only the A200-, D300- and Y corridors are open. The other corridors are closed for maintenance and inventory.
  • If you still need access to the closed premises (for example to rehearse for school projects), apply for access through Helpdesk by using the form "Ansökan om utökad repetitionstid Sommar" (form only available in Swedish).
  • Any changes regarding availability / opening hours will be communicated via e-mail and info screens. 

We need your help!

If you want to spend time at Malmö Academy of Music this summer, remember:

  • Do not throw any waste / food leftovers in the bins, take it with you. The summerheat makes waste smell foul quickly.
  • Close the windows, turn off the lights and leave everything in order.In the event of an incident, immediately contact the university guard. Phone: 046 - 222 07 00. You also find the contact information on the back of your LU card.

The library

Normal opening hours (08.00-20.00) apply until 8 July.

The info desk is staffed 10.00-16.00 until 17 June.

The library closes on 9 July and reopens 22 August.

Special days:

  • 6 June (Swedish national day) – closed
  • 24 June (Midsummer) - closed

Summer loans 2022
Summer book loans are valid from 20 May to 31 August (in other words, books borrowed from 20 May are returned on 31 August). This applies to materials with a 14-day loan period.

Interlibrary loans 2022
Last day to order an interlibrary loan is 3 June.  

A-corridor closed

27 June – 4 July, lockers and rooms will be repainted in the A-corridor. During this period, the practice rooms in the A-corridor are not available.

Replacement of curtains

8 – 19 August, all curtains in the classrooms and practice rooms will be replaced. The rooms will be booked successively in TimeEdit to avoid large blockages.

Service and Technology Units

The technology and service units will only provide limited service during summer. The school will be staffed, but reception is closed.

Mental health issues do not take a summer break - neither does the Student Health Center



If you have issues which are linked to your study situation, you can contact the Student Health Centre during the summer months.

Read more about the Student Health Center on Lund University's web page

Summer activities 2022






In case of emergency

Dial 112

University guard: 
+ 46 46 222 07 00

Opening hours

Staff and students have access to the premises:
Mon - Fri: 7.00 - 22.45
Sat - Sun and holidays: 8:00 - 22:45