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The communication unit at Malmö Academy of Music offers strategic and operational support to the managers, teachers and employees in matters concerning communication. 

Communication plan

Malmö Academy of Music has a clear communication plan that describes how the external and internal communication should be conducted. The communication plan is based on the school's six strategic focus areas and states which messages are to be highlighted in order to strengthen the academy's brand.

Do you want to know more about Malmö Academy of Music's communication plan? Contact amelie [dot] malmgren [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se

Graphic profile

Malmö Academy of Music belongs to Lund University. Our graphic profile is therefore the same. The purpose of the graphic profile is to make our identity clear and consistent.

Read more about Lund University's graphic profile (LU)

Communication channels

External communication

The external communication at Malmö Academy of Music starts with our website where we publish news, events and information about education and concerts. Malmö Academy of Music is also active in the following social media channels:

The social media channels function as a complement to our website.

Internal communication

Malmö Academy of Music uses the Student and Staff webpages as well as newsletters, emails and the academy's info screens for internal communication.




Amelie Malmgren
Communication officer
amelie [dot] malmgren [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se (amelie[dot]malmgren[at]mhm[dot]lu[dot]se)
+46 40 32 54 44