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School premises

As a registered student or employee at Malmö Academy of Music, you are welcome to use the school premises for activities connected to education, research, and collaboration. In some cases, we rent out our concert halls and other spaces to external stakeholders. You cannot book or use the school premises for private purposes or private activities.

The following applies:

  • Rooms and concert halls can be booked and used by students who are registered at a programme or course at Malmö Academy of Music. Teachers and employees can also book rooms and concert halls.
  • External persons may participate, so long as the activity is carried out in connection with Malmö Academy of Music's core functions. An employee or student at the academy must always be present and participating. Wear your LU card visibly.
  • Private tuition, private rehearsals or other private activities are not allowed. Malmö Academy of Music reserves the right to withdraw room access for users who violate established house rules.

Read more about Malmö Academy of Music's premises


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