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Service functions

Use Helpdesk to order service and technical equipment, report errors, and request access to rooms you have booked.

At the reception at Malmö Academy of Music you will get help with:

  • Your LU card
  • Keys
  • Collection and delivery of small, previously ordered, technical equipment
  • Sales of envelopes and personal stationary
  • Borrowing music stands and music stand lights
  • Borrowing the key to the restroom
  • Allocation of lockers

LU card

At the beginning of the term you will be issued an LU card. The LU card is important since it functions as a on-premise ID card. You need it to access the building, the library as well as different rooms and studios. You also need it to use the printer and copy machines.


Student lockers are assigned depending on which programme/course you are studying and, above all, your main instrument. 

Please do not store anything on top of your locker. The Academy is not responsible for any private valuables.

Remember that you must empty your locker and remove your pad lock when you graduate. You must also empty your locker if you go on a study break. When you come back you will be assigned a new one. If this is not respected, the service unit will have to cut your pad lock.

If you need a locker or want to change locker, please contact the reception.


+46 40 32 54 00

Susanna Antonyi
susanna [dot] antonyi [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 40 32 54 59

In case of emergency

Dial 112

University guard: 
+ 46 46 222 07 00