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Support and counselling

As a student at Malmö Academy of Music, you have access to various forms of support and counselling concerning your health, your study environment and other study-related problems.

Student Health Centre

The Student Health Centre is available for all students at Lund University, which includes the students at Malmö Academy of Music as well. You can turn to the Student Health Centre if you are stressed, feeling low, experiencing sleep disorders or having difficulty adjusting to life in Sweden. Issues could also be related to your drinking or gambling habits, feelings of anxiety or something else that is affecting your mental well-being and which is linked to your study situation.

More about Student Health Centre (LU)

Healthcare - Region Skåne

For general healthcare, you can call '1177 Vårdguiden' for free advice 24/7. 
Phone: 1177

Read more about 1177 Vårdguiden

Reception for young adults
Bergsgatan 38, Malmö
+46 40 33 50 50

Specialist functions

If you have study-related problems, the following specialists are also affiliated with Malmö Academy of Music:

Audiologist Andreas Sjögren
Andreas gives hearing tests and advice on hearing problems and tinnitus. He also helps with adapted hearing protection.
Email: andreas [dot] sjogren [at] audionova [dot] se (andreas[dot]sjogren[at]audionova[dot]se)
Phone: +46 736-28 67 00

Artist- & Musikerhälsan
Artist & Musikerhälsan specialises in artist's and musician's health. They offer both advice, training and treatment.

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The student ombudsman at Lund University

The student ombudsman helps to ensure that the university is fulfilling its legal obligation to see that Lund University’s students receive an education free from discrimination or unfair treatment. 

Read more about the student ombudsman at Lund University (LU)

University Church in Malmö

Sometimes you may need someone to talk to - it can be big or small - from questions about God and the meaning of life to how to deal with conflicts or performance anxiety. Everyone is welcome to the University Church's activities and individual conversations, regardless of religion, gender or sexual orientation; believers or non-believers.

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The Academic Support Centre

Do you want to improve your study technique and get better at writing academic texts? Maybe you want to be more confident in speaking in front of others? Then you can turn to The Academic Support Centre for help.

Read more about The Academic Support Centre (LU)

Educational support

A functional variation, such as a visual impairment, dyslexia, or ADHD, is not an obstacle to studies at Malmö Academy of Music.

We offer different forms of support depending on your situation. Contact the coordinator of educational support at Lund University to find out more and how to apply for support during your studies.

Read more about educational support at Lund university (LU)