The Malmö Academy of Music Jazz Class

Musikhögskolan CD

Utgivningsår: 2013

CD:n kan kostnadsfritt beställas från Musikhögskolan i Malmö.


This album is the result of a project that took place in the spring of 2013 as a collaboration between the Jazz Programme and the Music Production Programme at the Malmö Academy of Music.

The project was part of the course Jazz-/Improvisation ensemble and was created in order to focus on the process of going from "farm to table" with self-composed music. The goal was for the students, through practical application and a high degree of autonomy, to practice and strengthen their ability to develop their own music to a stage where it felt "ready" for recording or a concert. The music found on this CD consists of a selection of original compositions, all composed by students for the project.

The project also focused on the meeting and exchange of experiences between musicians and music producers. As a musician, to learn what you expect of yourself, your fellow musicians and the music producer in a recordning situation requires practical training and reflection. The same processes apply to the music producer where the understanding of the musician´s perspectives in this context is crucial for the end result. Both jazz students and students of the music production programme have been active in dialogue with each other to get to know each other´s approach to the recording situation and at the same time to be able to share and deepen their knowledge of the art of recording acoustic jazz live.

We are proud to present this CD which we think is a fine example of the diversity of the voices coming from our jazz programmes at the Malmö Academy of Music. At the same time, it is also a testament to our students’ achievements founded on their high artistic ambition and professional attitudes.