Roots of the Gambia 2

By women – for life

Musikhögskolan CD


Utgivningsår: 2011

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If you want to give a compliment to a male singer in Gambia, one way of expressing it would be "you sing like a jalimuso" (jalimuso is the mandinka word for female musician). The women, jalimusolu, play a vital role in the oral traditions of the Mande region in West Africa. A master jalimuso is born into the tradition and has inherited her duties and skills from generations of forefathers and foremothers. She has the bravery to sing the truth, the imagination to improvise and the knowledge to give advice for life, based on her training as musician and historian.

All recordings on this CD are made in the homes of female musicians in Gambia, the last weeks of February and the first week of March, 2006. The door opener to all these jalolu was jali Alagi Mbye, a male master who has paid special attention to the female musicians and the female repertoire of his own tradition. His mission is to make their voices heard, and to change the common western picture of African music as being dominated by male drummers.

This is the second CD made in cooperation by the Malmö Academy of Music and jali Alagi Mbye. The first "Roots of The Gambia" from 1998 is a collection of field recordings with male instrumentalists, playing instruments like bolon, riti, kora and konting. On "Roots of The Gambia 2" the main instrument used is different versions of calabashes played with hands, stick or jewelry (ring or bracelet).

Malmö Academy of Music,

Production: Senior Lecturer Eva Sæther, Ph.D. & Anders Åhlin
Recording: Anders Åhlin