Sounding Images

ENM – Ensemble for New Music

Musikhögskolan CD


Utgivningsår: 2009

CD:n kan kostnadsfritt beställas från Musikhögskolan i Malmö.


Sounding Images is the result of a project at the Malmö Academy of Music where ENM sought to work with our Ensemble for New Music in a recording situation. As a musician you tend to focus very much on rehearsing for a concert, playing the concert. But in a recording situation you repeat the same bars over and over and you get a different focus that is good for the ensemble, you tend to listen more and you lose the one-time-situation you get in a concert as well as the pressure of having an audience.

Being a contemporary ensemble ENM have worked with music from the 1960th and onwards, so the idea was to record music that related to that, as well as a piece from our very successful collaboration with the composition class. But we also wanted a few new pieces composed for us and for the recording project. We commissioned some pieces from professional composers at the Malmö Academy of Music, and finally we set up a competition for composition students in the Nordic/Baltic countries.

We are very proud to have received so many interesting pieces of music and are very happy to be able to present them in this way.

Ensemble for New Music is an ensemble at the Malmö Academy of Music that was formed in 2006 as a means for music students to focus entirely on contemporary music from 1950 onwards. ENM is a voluntary course with a one-year commitment. Since the beginning ENM has had as their goal to collaborate with now living composers, both students and professional composers, and over the course of only three years 32 new pieces have been composed for the ensemble.

1. John Cage: Five  5´00

2. Staffan Storm: A hole in the air  2´37

3. Martina Tomner: Herbsttag  5´18

4. Stefan Klaverdal: And when I turned  3´28

5. Andrea Lindberg-Tarrodi: NåLå  6´06

6. Mats Edén: Fantasikoral  4´55

7. Sven-David Sandström: Bilder  17´30

8. Daniel Hjorth: Pablo´s choice  5´02

9. John Cage: Five  5´00

*         *          *

Conductor: Anna Rombach
Producer and engineer: Daniel Hjorth & Stefan Klaverdal
Recorded in Malmö 20–23 May 2009