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Courses for International Students


Courses in Interpretation for International Students

Online application at the latest January 15.

Please note! A recording should be sent directly to the Academy of Music, International coordinator, Box 8203, SE-200 41 Malmö, Sweden.
Candidates for Trumpet are required to do a live audition in March, a recording is not sufficient. Please contact admissions [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se

Supporting documents for international students
At University Admissions you can see more about the documents you need to upload on their website or send by mail.

Information for non-european students:
You will also find further important information concerning applications, and information on fees and scholarships for non-european students at Lund University English website.

MUHN61  Interpretation for international students, Year 1, 60 ECTS (1-60 ECTS)

A special one-year course in musical interpretation with two profiles to choose between; Western Art Music or Jazz/Improvisation.
You will have individualized tuition on your main instrument as well as tuition in master classes and interpretation seminars. You will play in chamber music- or jazz ensembles and in symphony orchestra if you are an orchestral musician.
It is fulltime studies during the academic year (September-June) and you will study together with students in the Performance programme.
A high artistic and technical level at your main instrument equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from an Academy of Music is required.  A 20 minute audio recording, repertoire of your own choise, should be send directly to Malmö Academy of Music.

Course syllabus MUHN61


MUHN63 Composition for International Students 60 ECTS (1–60 ECTS)

A one-year course in Composition (Western Art Music Tradition) with individualized tuition in composition, master classes, seminars and projects.
Full-time studies during the Academic year (September-June) together with students in the Composition programme.
A high artistic and technical level in composition is required. Following should be sent to the Malmö Academy of Music:
1. 4-6 scores (no manuscript) representing various ensemble types as orchestra, chamber orchestra, minor chamber groups, choir and the electro acoustic medium
2. live or MIDI recordings (if possible)
3. work note for each piece
4. complete work list
5. curriculum vitae
6. a few words about why you want to study composition at our Academy

Please note that the material will not be returned.

Course syllabus MUHN63



Lena Arstam

Lena Arstam
For further information about international issues at the Malmö Academy of Music, please contact the International coordinator.
+46 (0)40 32 54 67
international [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se