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Exchange studies

Exchange studies offer you the possibility to study part of your education at one of Malmö Academy of Music’s or Lund University’s partner universities.

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Who can apply for Exchange Studies?

Anyone studying in a programme at Malmö Acadmy of Music is eligible for exchange studies. However, you must be an active student at the time of applying as well as during the term before you want to study abroad. Upon departure, you must have completed at least 60 ECTS at Lund University.

Feel free to discuss the exchange with your teachers at Malmö Academy of Music as they often have international contacts and can give you guidance when choosing a school. You must also talk to your education coordinator who, together with the education director, decides if you eligible for an exchange.

As a student at the Performance programmes in Music and Church Music you can study abroad during the following periods:

  • Bachelor's programme, year 2 and autumn semester in year 3
  • Master's programme, year 1 and autumn semester in year 2

In general, it is not possible to study abroad during the last term of the program.

As a student at the Music Teacher Training programme, you can apply for an exchange when you start:

  • Semester 5, 6 or 7, if you want to do an exchange during one semester within Subject 2.
  • Semester 5 + 6 if you want to do an exchange during one or two semesters within Subject 2.

You can choose up to three universities you want to go to.

Admission rounds

You apply in spring or autumn, depending on where you want to go. Malmö Academy of Music has three different types of agreement; University-wide Agreements, Malmö Academy of Music's internal agreements and Erasmus Agreements.

Exchanges applied for in autumn

In autumn you can apply to our University-wide Agreements which are four universities outside of Europe.

The application period for University of California (UC) is November 1 - 15. For the other partner universities, the application period is October 15 - November 15. The application is made in SoleMOVE, Lund University's application system for exchange studies.

Please note that you have to be nominated for an exchange by Malmö Academy of Music before you apply directly to the partner university. 

Exchanges applied for in spring

In spring you can apply for Erasmus+ (exchange studies at partner universities within Europe) as well as Malmö Academy of Music's internal agreements (exchange studies at partner universities outside of Europe). If the host country is within the EU, you also have the opportunity to apply for an Erasmus scholarship.

The duration of the exchange can last between 3 - 12 months, one or two semesters. The application deadline varies from university to university. After a discussion with your teacher and your study coordinator you must make an application in SoleMOVE, Lund University's application system for exchange studies. Deadline for the SoleMOVE-application is the 15th of February.

How to proceed

University-wide Agreements (outside of Europe)

  • Complete your application in SoleMOVE, the application system for exchange studies at Lund University.
  • When your application has been approved in SoleMOVE you will be nominated to the partner university.
  • A coordinator at External Relations at Lund University will help you to proceed with your application. 

Erasmus and Inter-institutional Agreements 

  • Decide which partner universities you are interested in (max 3), check their application deadlines.
  • Apply through SoleMOVE, the application system for exchange studies at Lund University
  • When your application has been approved in SoleMOVE you will be nominated to the partner university.
  • You can now proceed with your application directly in the partner university's own application system.

Study plan (PDF 188kB, new window). Find out which courses are aimed at exchange students and make sure that you have the right entrance qualifications. Talk to your study coordinator and ensure that you can transfer the course credits to your degree. You will find all searchable courses on the host university's website in SoleMOVE.

Statement of purpose. A personal motivation letter where you highlight why you should be accepted to do an exchange. Describe how the experience will help you in your future professional life and in your personal development.

SoleMOVE guide (PDF 2.6MB - nytt tab)

Read more about how to write a good application (LU)

The applications to different Schools can be very different, usually this is what you have to include:

  • Application including a Study Plan
  • Audition video/recording, ca 15-20 min, showing your musical and technical competence
  • Transcript of records - you can get this from  Studentportalen or Ladok
  • Motivation letter - a personal letter where you tell why you want to study abroad and why you want to go to the School you have chosen.
  • CV. Some Schools require a recomandation letter from your teacher. With some help from Europass you can make your own CV and a language test if needed. It is also possible to make a language test at Folkuniversitetet free of charge.

Read more about how to write a good application (LU)


Swedish exchange students are insured through Kammarkollegiet's group insurance, Student UT.

The insurance begins to apply two weeks before the study period and ends two weeks after the study period. The insurance only applies in the country where you are going to study and to direct travel there and back.

If you are going on an exchange to an EU country, you should also obtain the European health insurance card via the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

Read more about Kammarkollegiet's group insurance, Student UT

Exchange agreements between universities means that there is an agreement which makes it possible for exchange students (and teachers) to spend a semester or two abroad. The agreement guarantees that the tuition is free of charge but you do need to pay for other expenses, like travel and accommodation. Most students fund their exchange period with grants and loans from CSN – the Swedish Board of Student Finance.

Read more about CSN

Do not forget to apply for scholarships! Anyone who is accepted for an Erasmus exchange (with Nordplus too) can apply for an Erasmus + scholarship.

Read more about applying for an Erasmus + scholarship (LU)

Don't wait too long to look for accomodation. Check the webpage at the Partner School and see if they offer any option, or if you need to sort this out on your own. If you don't find any information, contact their International Coordinator.

If you are interested in renting out your own room/flat to our incoming students when beeing on an exchange, please contact sara [dot] engblom [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se (Sara Engblom) and you will get contact information from her. If you are lucky we might get an exchange student from the Partner School you are admitted to, which make it possible for you to switch accomodation straight off during the exchange semester with an incoming student.

Extracurricular International Opportunities for Students at LU

"Extracurricular International Opportunities for Students at LU" is a Canvas page with information about international opportunities for students at Lund University, such as virtual exchanges, short exchanges, webinars and travel scholarships. Throughout the academic year, new activities are published so do not forget to turn on the notifications to get the latest updates. 

Log in to Canvas to see and register for current opportunities

Become an international mentor

Lund University welcomes over 3 500 international students every year. The International Mentor Programme aims to facilitate the students' adaptation to their new environment. As an international mentor, you will to meet students from all over the world and get to know new people.

Read more about the International Mentor Programme

Take a SAS course together with international students in Lund

Read more about SAS courses (LU)

Summer exchange

Are you interested in doing an exchange but do not want to be away for an entire semester? Then a Summer exchange might be the right option for you. A summer exchange does not affect your opportunities to also go on a regular exchange during the rest of the academic year.

The application period for summer courses abroad in 2023 is January 25 - February 6.

Read more about Summer exchange (LU)


Sara Engblom
Student exchange coordinator
sara [dot] engblom [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se
Phone: +46 40 32 54 19

Do you want to be an ambassador?

Student ler mot kameran på en gata i Berlin. Foto.

Student Ambassador
When you go on exchange studies to one of our partner universities, you are one of Lund University's most important representatives and our face to the outside world.

Read more about being a student ambassador (LU)

Instagram takeover
Do you want to share your everyday life abroad on Lund University's or Malmö Academy of Music's Instagram account?
Please contact us:
MHM - Amelie Malmgren
LU - lunduniversityabroad [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se (The Exchange Ambassadors)

Academic year 2022/2023

  • ti2838st-s [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se (Tilda Strandberg), Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien
  • em0172bo-s [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se (Emilia Bornestav), Milano, Italien
  • fr2383ni-s [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se (Frida Nilsson), Limerick, Irland
  • ka1744ju-s [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se (Kajsa Junefjäll), Melbourne, Australien
  • ma2246ca-s [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se (Mattias Carlberg), Vancouver, Kanada

If you want to get more information, feel free to email the students directly.