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Borrowing instruments and technical equipment

As a student or staff member at Malmö Academy of Music you can borrow instruments and technical equipment for rehearsals, recordings and concerts that are connected to your studies/teaching.

Booking requests for equipment and instruments are always made via Helpdesk. The technicians are available to give advice on which equipment or instrument is best suited to you. Remember to send your booking request well in advance. 

Go to Helpdesk

The following rules apply:

  • All loans must be signed by the borrower at the TI- unit (Technical Production & Instrument Service) in room B206.
  • The borrower is responsible for borrowed equipment / instrument throughout the loan period. If equipment / instrument is damaged or lost, the borrower is financially responsible.
  • Borrowed equipment / instrument is intended for use within the school premises. Loans of equipment / instrument for use outside of the school are made in consultation with the TI unit.

Examples of instruments you can borrow are:

  • Orchestral instruments
  • Woodwind instruments
  • Brass instruments
  • Bowed string instruments
  • Plucked string instruments
  • Keyboards / synthesizers
  • Percussion instruments

Examples of equipment you can borrow are:

  • Microphones
  • Cameras
  • Portable audio recorders
  • Portable audio studios
  • Backline for concerts
  • Lights and sound equipment to use in rooms which do not already have these
  • Projector

There are also a few simpler kits with a microphone and XLR cable you can borrow directly from reception when it is open.

Learn how to roll cables correctly so that they last a long time:


Sabina Husberg Götlind
Technician | Team leader
sabina [dot] husberg_gotlind [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se (sabina[dot]husberg_gotlind[at]mhm[dot]lu[dot]se)
+46 40 32 54 24

Sara Andersson
sara [dot] andersson [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se (sara[dot]andersson[at]mhm[dot]lu[dot]se)
+46 40 32 54 34

Zakarias Lindhammar
zakarias [dot] lindhammar [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se (zakarias[dot]lindhammar[at]mhm[dot]lu[dot]se)
+46 40 32 54 84

Linda Stråhle
Piano Technician
linda [dot] strahle [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se (linda[dot]strahle[at]mhm[dot]lu[dot]se)
+46 40 32 5436

Opening hours

Technical Production & Instrument Service (TI)

  • Monday: 9.30 – 15.00
  • Tuesday - Friday: 9.00 – 15.00

Closed for lunch: 12.00-13.00