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Admission to Church Music, Bachelor's Level


Key dates for your application

  1. Sign up for the programme at
    Registration period: 1 December 2021 – 17 January 2022
  2. Last completion day to prove your eligibility is 25 January 2022.
  3. Early February, an invitation is sent to the email address you provided when you made your application.
  4. Send your notes (choir and others) by regular mail to Malmö Academy of Music. We must receive the material no later than 10 February 2022.
  5. Admission test is conducted at Malmö Academy of Music during the first week of March 2022. The exact date and time are stated in the email you received in early February.
  6. Admission decision 1: 13 April 2022 on My pages at 
  7. Deadline for accepting your place through My pages at is 26 April 2022.
  8.  Admission decision 2: 11 May 2022 on My pages at

Admission test

The admission test consists of five parts. You will perform:


  • two organ pieces of different character.
  • two optional chorales from the Church of Sweden's chorale book part 1. You must be able to sing along.
  • one or two chorales a prima vista.
  • Fifteen minutes before the test, you will get another chorale to prepare.
  • As a voluntary assignment, you are allowed to improvise a prelude to the chorale you received before the test. The improvisation is judged separately from the rest of the liturgical play.


  • an optional classical piano piece.
  • an a prima vista task.
  • You will get some noted melodies to choose from; you choose one where the chord analysis is given, and one melody without chord analysis that you are allowed to harmonize yourself. You play your selected melodies with chords and melody. For this task you will get thirty minutes of preparation time.


  • two songs of different character with accompanist. Accompaniment is available at the test, but you can also bring your own.
  • one or two psalms from the Book of Psalms (1-325) a prima vista without accompaniment. The psalms are taken from the list you received along with the invitation to the test.


  • Before the test, you send in two choir pieces of your choosing (a cappella, mixed choir, 3-5 parts), which you would like to study with the choir during the admission test.
  • In the invitation, you will receive a compulsory piece that the choir already knows. During the test, you should therefore not study this piece with the choir, only conduct it.


  • You harmonize a simple chorale melody in four parts.
  • You make an upper or lower part to a simple melody which is provided with chord designations.
  • You make a harmonic analysis of a given example using function designations (T, Sp, etc.).


  • The test shows your ability to transfer sounding music to sheet music.
  • In the melody tasks, you note down the notes played that are missing in the music sheet. Rhythm and tones are given.
  • In the rhythm task, you note down the rhythm.
  • In the chord information, you complete the chord sequences by circling one of the chord options presented in a box.



Send your choir notes and other notes (if you want an accompanist from Malmö Academy of Music for your solo songs) by regular mail. We must receive the material no later than 10 February 2022.

Send the material to:
Malmö Academy of Music
Box 8203
200 41 Malmö

Mark the envelope 'Admission Church musician programme' and your name.


admissions [at] mhm [dot] lu [dot] se (admissions[at]mhm[dot]lu[dot]se)