Malmö Academy of Music has an extensive network in the surrounding music and cultural life and close collaborations with concert halls and cultural institutions. We performe a large number of concerts every year as well as educational and artistic interdisciplinary projects.


The Academy of Music's concerts are an important part of our region's cultural offerings and include, for example, collaborations with the Malmö Symphony Orchestra, the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, the Malmö Opera Orchestra and Musica Vitae. Other institutions we collaborate with are Palladium, Mix Musik, Jazz in Malmö and Dunkers Kulturhus. Malmö's pop, rock and jazz scenes are also frequently visited by our students.

Together with Musik i Syd, the Academy of Music annually conducts Connect Festival for contemporary music.

Körcentrum Syd

Körcentrum Syd is a formation established by Lund University belonging to the Malmö Academy of Music. The following departments are represented on the board: Lund University (Academy of Music and Odeum), Musik i Syd, Lars-Erik Larsson gymnasiet and the Church of Sweden. Körcentrum Syd has played an important role in the southern Sweden choir community, with focus on education, development projects and research.

Music education in the region

The Academy of Music also has an extensive network of music schools, independent colleges, primary and high schools in the region. The collaborations, which have been built up over many years, give us the opportunity to offer our students excellent internships.