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Körcentrum Syd let choirs interpret the theme of Future Week 2020

Lena Ekman Frisk, Director Körcentrum Syd
Lena Ekman Frisk, Director Körcentrum Syd

There is every reason to keep an eye on Körcentrum Syd during "Future Week" 2020 as they let three different choirs interpret the theme of the week: forces in motion.

Körcentrum Syd participates for the second year in Future Week and the idea for this year's project has been to let three choirs choose a composer each to interpret the theme Forces in motion. The new choral music will be performed at a concert in the Cathedral of Lund on October 16 and right before the concert you can attend a seminar in the Cathedral Forum where the three composers Michael Edgerton, Kjell Perder and Martina Tomner, talk about their works.

Lena Ekman Frisk is partly the Director of Körcentrum Syd who is behind the project, and partly conducting the Women's Choir at the Malmö Academy of Music, who will perform the choral work that Michael Edgerton, composer and professor of artistic research in music, has composed.

How are the rehearsals going?

-I think we are making progress as we read and interpret Michael's music. It should be added, however, that we have never perfomed anything as experimental as this music. Michael is attracted to experimental voice projects, which is the basis for his research and professorship at the Malmö Academy of Music, and he has attended our rehearsals to listen, says Lena Ekman Frisk.

It sounds like it could be a spectacular consert!

Yes, we think so, and I can reassure everyone that because of the limited seats avaliable we will also stream the event online.


Program on October 16

10-11.30 Seminar, Cathedral Forum
12-12.45 Concert, Cathedral Forum

The three participating choirs are Lund's Academic Choir, the Womens' Choir at the Malmö Academy of Music and Mixtus Cantus. The concert is produced as a collaboration between LU Futura/Future Week, Kördagar i Lund/Musik i Syd and Körcentrum Syd.

Sign up by sending an email to: maria [dot] videll [at] korcentrumsyd [dot] se. and await confirmation.