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Sanimir Resic is the new Rector of Malmö Academy of Music

sanimir resic

History and European studies Docent Sanimir Resic, now on leave from the joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology in Lund, is taking over as Rector of Malmö Academy of Music after Ann-Charlotte Carlén.

How does it feel?

-Good, the new year has now officially started with my first day here at the Academy of Music, it feels very good.

You have an extensive background within higher education in various roles, what is it that interests and motivates you when it comes to education?

-My absolute belief in meritocracy. I believe that with education that is firmly rooted in meritocracy, everyone, despite obvious or hidden obstacles, can reach their potential.

-My personal experiences with higher education, as a student, teacher, researcher and later on in management positions, have been lined with a certain wonder about the fact that I despite my immigrant background have been let in. Lund University and higher education have won my love thanks to the meritocracy and that is what motivates me.

Your background is within history and European knowledge, not music, what are your thoughts on that?

- I have understood that there are some concernes about the fact that I don't come from the world of music and maybe it is a bigger challenge than I can see. But as rector, it is not my duty nor intention to interfere, but to create and maintain a good and productive work environment. And I have done so before, both within and outside Lund University, in my previous roles as rector.

-There are, as I see it, also advantages with an outside perspective and I will keep a constant dialogue with the management, employees and students and ask for help and advice in matters I don't understand.

What is your relationship to music on a personal level?

-As a humanist and historian, I am an admirer of the world of music. Music to me is one of humanity's finest inventions and perhaps the best international language. From my personal point of view, it feels like I am now entering into a magical environment.

You have been involved in the co-location of the Language and Literature Center (SOL) in Lund, what experiences do you have that can be useful in the process of co-locating the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts?

-My experiences are many so I hope to be a good support in the ongoing co-location. One important thing is to constantly update and establish the ongoing process with employees and students and that everyone at some point is given the opportunity to express themselves and ask questions.

-Furthermore, it is important to keep track of the costs, both current and unforeseen. For example, the rental costs skyrocketed in the new premises of SOL, which had not entirely been foreseen by us. 

-So, transparency, insight and participation are crucial parts in the process of a co-location.

You will be working part time (75 percent), what will you do with the rest of your time?

- I will keep my position at the HT faculties and continue writing my new monograph. An important chapter will focus on the role of music in the shared political memory of Balkan and Turkey. I will also give a distance course in the history, culture and society of Balkan. As I am the only one in Sweden who teach about this, I didn't have the heart to postpone it.


More info and contact information to Sanimir Resic can be found here

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